Club Chiaroscuro

Club Chairoscuro

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Address 8315 E Colfax Ave
City/State/Zip Denver, CO 80220
Owner Julie Wallace Golgotha
LTG 2001:0db8:3c4d:0015::1a2f:1a2b (clubchairscuro)
Categories Dance Club/Bar

Establishment Details

  • Large dance club with raised stage
  • Features: Bar/Happy Hour
  • Live Band
  • Cuisine: None
  • Hours: Happy Hour Mon-Fri 7pm-8pm, operation hours 7pm-3am

Club Chiaroscuro is a popular club in the Northern Aurora. The club hosts local bands and is known for impressive light shows, Electroslam rock, and genuine alcohol. The proprietor is run by a female ork named Golgotha, who built her way up out of the Aurora Warrens.

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Club Chiaroscuro

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