The Genesis Concept

The Safe House Run, or A Bounty Gone Bad

Safe House

Logan had been trying to get his Bail Bondsman business up and running. In fact, he had had some initial success as he had actually been able to cash in, so-to-speak, on the apprehension of several minor criminals. He had used his legal SIN to set up his business and then through that was able to “hire” bounty hunters in the form of Gemini, Diesel, Sam and Manu. Logan even was able to participate -thereby honing his shadow skills in the process. This had been in July and August of 2053 and he wanted to replicate his early success by trying to acquire a larger bounty job with its requisite larger pay outs.

On the 2nd of September, Logan succeeded in acquiring the information on a large double contract. To rogue mages, a Jefferson Daniels and his partner, Gretchen Catron, were playing havoc in the shadow scene within the Elevated Core and the O’Hara Subsprawl. So much so that the Chicago Outfit, aka, “the two major Mafia families, one mid-size family, and a half-dozen smaller families”, wanted them eliminated but so far, had not been successful in doing so. Therefore, word had it that the Capone family leaned on the respective aldermen for both the Elevated Core and the O’Hara Subsprawl who in turn pressured Eagle Security to place a ¥40,000 bounty on each one. Logan contacted the team but only Diesel, Sam and a friend of Diesel, an elf whiz boy by the name of Stanley Ganish were available. Both Nitro and Gemini were on other jobs and couldn’t break free.

By the 4th, through legwork, Logan and the others were able to locate a hideout in the Noose that was used by both the wanted mages. This hideout was most likely their main safe house. It’s location was very near the Shattergraves which offered it anonymity and a measure of magical and physical security -so much so that both Stanley and Sam very very reluctant to astrally project in the area of its suspected entrance. The entrance seemed to be a cave made out of collapsed rubbled and ferrocrete and Logan seemed sure that this was the site, no astral projection was needed. Logan asked all to enter into the cave structure. Manu protested saying that his skills were better used in remote support but the the team elected for Manu to physically enter the cave as well in direct support of the team as this was an arcane location and the bounty required the capture of two mages and the, possible, elimination of the mages’ four person security detail. Logan ascertained that the direct support of all participants was necessary.

The team had negotiated about 100 meters of tunnel when they came across the safe house’s entrance. They ran afoul of a fake grenade boob trap which created a situation where they were not expecting the real grenade trap. Manu to the brunt of the blast and, while injured, did not fare too badly. He did however, lose one of his foci which degraded his ability to magically support the others. It took a few minutes for the team to force entry into the safe house and then they hit a corridor designed for defense. It was over in mere seconds with gunfire and, unfortunately, another grenade blast. Sam, who was invisible, was taken down and Manu got hit again. The team did take down the four guards in combat but was unable to penetrate the safe house any farther do to the fact that they had lost two arcane members and were in no position to confront two mages directly, if they were still present in the safe house as the fighting had broken out. Logan made the hard decision to call off the bounty attempt and he, along with Diesel and Stanley were able to recover both Manu and Sam as they retreated back into the tunnel.

The night of September the 4th descended and found a despondent Logan drinking heavily. A few hours prior he had found out from the street doc attending Sam that Sam had died. Manu had been injured and was going to be down for at least the rest of the week. Logan had felt compelled to pay the Diesel, Manu, and Stanley a grand to compensate for their troubles but that still did not assuage the pain of Sam’s death and the fact that the bounty attempt had been a failure. Logan could, at least, pass out in a drunken stupor with the knowledge that he had given the information about the Safe House run to his Eagle Security contact. At least, Logan felt assured, that the contact was able to celebrate a job well done.



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