The Genesis Concept

Moving Forward to Oblivion (Wanna go for a Ride?)

A Narrative.....

By late August of 2054, Logan’s Crew, still in Seattle, ran up against myriad logistical difficulties and planning conundrums. Several members of the Crew were not entirely motivated to try and take down a the Universal Brotherhood. Many plans were discussed but none seemed to pass the common-sense test. Gemini had been itching to go back to Chicago and Joshua Blue was open to the idea of relocating his fabricated identity to Chicago so that he could run the shadows there. Blue was beginning to think that the Seattle shadow scene was getting crowded and he wanted to try a new scene with new possibilities. Logan was adamant about the dangers of the Brotherhood and was offering many suggestions as to what the Crew could do to take on the Brotherhood. Siren was in support of Logan whilst Nightwing, Rattle and METL argued that, tactically, they all, as the Crew, had no true hope of really hurting the Brotherhood in such as substantive manner without, of course, Logan’s Crew, being eradicated in the process. Socrates was concerned that the team was outmatched in regards to this Brotherhood issue and Fuze was still freaked out about the Amber Gel. There was no true consensus as the month of September dawned. Therefore, the Crew, including Blue decided that the best course of action was to go back to Chicago since they had successfully completed the original job that brought them to Seattle in the first place.

Back in Chicago as the fall of 2054 came and went, Logan and the Crew went about ‘running several jobs fixed by the Upright Man. As the New Year commenced several important things concerning Logan and the Crew had occurred. Logan’s front, Browncoat’s Bail Bond’s, ultimately failed and was liquidated. Logan himself, in the early spring, went to ground and kept a low profile but was able to fabricate another SIN to where he, should he choose, could interact within the legal world with impunity. In fact, Logan’s fabricated SIN was of such good quality that he, Logan, was able to use that SIN to legally invest in several corporate entities and by early summer of 2055. Logan’s fabricated identity was worth 2.1 millionĀ„. Yet, Logan was not content to just live the life (fabricated, of course) of a successful investor, he still wanted the adrenaline success of becoming an elite ‘runner. During the same time the others were busy as as well. Gemini working closely with Logan during the fall, winter and spring, helped with the facilitation of Logan’s fabricated new identity and
profited from a number of matrix ‘runs which supported Logan and several of the other members of the Crew. Gemini, through the investments of Logan (in the guise of being an investor) and via his own devices was also able to amass rather large nest egg of 1.5 millionĀ„, which was divided between a number of offshore data haven accounts with the Carib League and Switzerland. Fuze and Siren were able open up a profitable Talismonger shop near the campus of the University of Chicago, while METL, Rattle, Socrates (as Ghoulbait) and Nightwing stayed fully in the shadows during this time but had became rather well known ’street sams’ within the Chicago shadow scene. Joshua Blue had come to enjoy the Chicago shadow scene, but stayed attuned to legal world via his fabricated SIN which he transplanted from Seattle.

All in all, the members of Logan’s Crew were enjoying life in their various pursuits. Yet, the failure to deal with Brotherhood and their inability to really make a mark in the Chicago Shadow Scene, collectively as Logan’s Crew, remained an unspoken irritant to them all, until, July of 2055. Starting on July 9th of 2055, all Project Hope camps in Seattle and elsewhere are shutdown for health reasons. With their collective ears to the shadows, Logan and the others realize that another team from somewhere was able to take down the Brotherhood as for the remainder of that month the new trids are replete with stories of corruption within the Brotherhood. However, Logan gets wind of a rumor that Ares Macrotechnology, may be involved in a coverup related to some new types of spirits that have been found to exist. This news, and the fact that Logan’s Crew collectively has been dormant for a while, seems to galvanize all the members desire for success. They begin to think about reuniting so they can take the next step needed to become truly elite runners….they have been successful in their own rights, but to be considered ‘elite’ is something that they all think about from time-to-time….

By mid August of 2055, the Upright Man asks if Logan and his Crew are wanting to ‘run again….as the Upright Man has been contacted by a Johnson who may know something about this Ares coverup rumor and it seems that this Johnson wishes to hire a ’unique and experienced’ team to help him find out some information.

The only thing the Upright Man will divulge is that the Johnson is a man the team has a connection to in the past, but this man is now known as the Sagittarius Dwarf. In fact, the Sagittarius Dwarf and a mystic by the name of Jason Two Sprits have hired the Upright Man to find such a crew and they are asking for Logan and his Crew by name.

The Upright Man senses that something big is going to go down and the reality is that Logan’s Crew is being asked to meet for a job….


Did I miss a session? Also, just no: Socrates (as Ghoulbait).


Need Meta planar quest with Topal before this all goes down. =P


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