<< insert access unknown – Puck >>kinda freaky, guy never takes off his combat gear, guess it’s great for a team of runners though. He’s always looking for the ambush, and then again nobody can rat him out if they don’t know who he is. I hear he’s looking for a team to backup, bounty hunting isn’t as safe when you are a lone wolf.

<< insert access general – Able >>I went on a run with him, I’ve never seen him without his armored suit. kinda weird, but when he brings that much nova to a firefight you don’t question why he’s always ready for one…and…those cyberarms of his, it’s like a swiss army knife of boyscouts, he’s got a tool for everything, sees through walls, opens maglocks, he’s definately first on my gear list should I ever run the shadows again…

<< insert access general – Youtrid >>check this out omae I think he bleeds oil <insert> word is he didn’t exist until recently, not like a new runner showing his face in town. I mean it’s as if noone has heard of him until he just rolled off the assembly line one day…

<< insert access general – N37w0rk >>…and there’s some big players keeping an eye on him. Word is eagle let him walk right out of a squadcar no questions asked…




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