Xpired: Manu (mysteriously vanished)

Manu Manu "the Slender"


Manu stands a towering half again a meter tall. luckily he has lost quite a bit of weight recently and is no longer wider than his height. His suit is neatly pressed, clean and smells faintly of cookies, or hot wings, or whatever happens to be in his hands whenever you meet. This is of course… when in public.
The quintessential “jolly old fat guy” Manu is rotund and girth bearing, whatever his facial features should have been are now hidden amid the plethora of excess pudge, the old school, stereotypical, fatman shaved head. Casually dressed in a kaleidoscope of new and old fashions, you assume it is whatever will fit that still makes him look classy. His quick smile and disarming laughter at life itself keeps the casual observer from noticing the hard glint of intelligence and cunning hidden in the sparkle of his dark eyes, any suspicion that he might possibly be a force to contend is immediately reaffirmed in the negative as soon as he licks whatever random object happens to be in his hand.

::Classified advert in the N00s3:: Scavenging, B&E, retrievals. Capable of working alone or with a team. If you are looking for a runner to get in and out unseen, to provide backup, or even watch or scout for your heavies, this careful, insightful, clever shaman might be the match for you. LTG 555 14557 00

<< insert access unknown – Puck >>by all means call Manu. he does what he says he will… but.. don’t be surprised if the call pick up is fumbled and you don’t get a return… things mystical and thievical he understands… electronicals elude him. Wait a moment and call him back.

<< insert access general – Able >>now that you mention it, I’ve never seen him without some form of food in his hands, chips, starcrunch, twinkies, nerps, it’s like he has this bottomless hole in his gut that anything he eats vanishes to. even when he’s eating he’s hungry. I guess we know it’s not a glandular disorder, but sheesh man. I think I remember seeing a Youtrid of him eating that 8 pound “kitchen sink” challenge.

<< insert access general – Youtrid >>check the comments I was there, he ordered MORE food after he was done with the challenge.


Manu received his nickname from the very bright and imaginative athletes at his private school. But of course when your family isn’t rich, and borrows everything from loan sharks of the yakuza your privaleged life tends to falter rather quickly. Allowing a rather mild eating disorder to blossom into a fully developed seefood diet.
That was a generation ago. Since then Manu Manu “the slender” has grown…
Emotionally you idiot, sheesh stop being prejudice against anyone who eats too much.
Manu has seen the inside of empty warehouses, tents, trailers, run down apartment buildings, condemned assylums. he’s found the skill to identify what place to sleep will get ignored by those who might come looking. years of scraping along just enough food to eat.
Always hungry, never satiated, there is an untold nightmare somewhere within, but that is the curse of the raven. never satisfied, never able to say enough. and those shadows under the bright neon lights of chicago are just the place to fill that empty hole with everything so full that even the raven will say I’ve had enough…

Xpired: Manu (mysteriously vanished)

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