Logan Knight

Leader of Logan's Crew, The Face


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Updated 27 July

NAME: Logan CATEGORY : Face LIFESTYLE : High – Alexander Lleyton, Low – Johnathan Smith, Low – Richard Warren
METATYPE: Human AGE: 24 Ethnicity: Mixed – Japanese / Polish
Height: 5’9" Weight: 170lbs Place Holder: tbd
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Sex: Male
Birth Name: Logan Knight SIN: Sinless Date of Birth : May 29th, 2032
Physical Limit: 5 Mental Limit: 5 Social Limit: 9 (12)
Physical: 10 Stun: 10 Overflow: 3
Physical Attribute Mental Attributes Special Attributes Derived Attributes
Body: 3 Charisma: 6(7) Edge: 5 Composure: 12
Agility: 4 Intuition: 4 Essence: 5.59 Judge Intentions: 11
Reaction: 4 Logic: 3 Initiative: 1d6+8 Lifting / Carrying: 6
Strength: 3 Willpower: 5 Memory: 8
First Impression (P) Deltaware Datajack
Bilingual (P) Rating 12 Deltaware Datalock
Moderate Addiction Gambling (N) Rating 3 Deltaware Tailored Pheromones
Common Mild Allergy Shellfish Cosmetic Surgery Face (+1 CHA)
Distinctive Style
Insomnia (15)
Skill Rank Dice Pool Att Special
Etiquette 5 12 Charisma
Leadership 5 12 Charisma
Negotiations 5 12 Charisma
Con 6 13 Charisma
Impersonator 5 12 Charisma
Performance 5 12 Charisma
Pistols 4 8 Agility Ruger Super Warhawk
Palming 3 7 Agility
Escape Artist 2 6 Agility
Sneak 2 6 Agility
Pilot Ground Craft 1 5 Reaction
Perception 6 10 Intuition
Disguise 2 6 Intuition
Computer 1 4 Logic
Forgery 3 6 Logic
English N
Japanese N
Corporate Politics 3
Business 3
Gambling 3
Crime 1
Corp Mitsuhama 1
Corp Truman 1
Corp Fuchi 1
Corp UCAS 1
Fashion 3


Ruger Super Warhawk 5 9P -2 SA 6 (cy)
Gallevant 5 9P -2 SA 6 (cy)
Weapon ACC REACH Damage AP
Unarmed Physical 5S
Background Story
Logan Ignatious Knight<polish name="true"> grew up in the streets of Chicago near Lincoln Park. his Father was a Drunk Pollock and mother was a Japanese hooker. Life wasn’t easy for this scrawny kid. He wasn’t big and strong like some of the other kids in the neighborhood. In fact he would get his ass kicked almost weekly until he learned to be quick with his words. By the age of 8 he was developing a silver tongue and his ass kickings were dwindling from once a week to once every few months.
By the time Logan hit his teens, he not only learned how to talk himself out of most trouble, but the big tool he learned, was he could get what he wanted with a few choice words and a smile. While this served him well, it didn’t help him the night of october 23rd, 20xx. It was the night his father came home trashed from the bar bloodied. Father went into a fit of rage and beat Logan into unconsciousness. His mother screamed trying to stop him and clawed at his father, scratching out his eye. He ran to the master bedroom with his wife following hitting him over and over. The father grabbed his shotgun, turned, and put 3 holes into his wife. He then turned the gun on him self. Hours late Logan woke up to find the horrific mess. Bloodied and battered, Logan left the house never waiting for the aftermath. For all he cared, this was a blessing. His life was shit and it would never be like this again.
The next 3 years were about survival, Logan’s skills allowed him to eat and he would con the locals for change they had just to survive. Logan thought he was getting good with his small time Cons but it wasn’t until one day he conned the wrong woman. When Logan first met her, she was wearing what looked like an expensive Dress with a Fur coat. During the middle of the Con, Logan didn’t know she was reversing the play and led him to an alley when she pull out a derringer pistol and gives him a pearly white smile. For the Next few year she became his mentor. She spent money to make him dress nicer, taught him the ropes of talking, stealing, and running. At first it was just doing research, then it was small runs that needed a distraction, eventually Logan found himself on runs where he was pretending to be high level corporate execs during trades and partying as if he had millions of yen.
6 Months ago, he went to the hide out where his mentor requested to meet him. As he walks through the door he stopped, his Mentor was in the middle of an empty room and a single light illuminating her. She looked smiled and winked, and then disappeared in the shadows. That was the last time he saw her, but he knew what it meant. She taught him all she could, it was his time to leave the nest and seek his dreams.
Logan turned around and walked out the door. As he let the door close, a grin comes across his face. Whispering under his breath. “World, lets have a talk.”

Logan Knight

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