Basic and Background Data

Actual Identity: Unknown
Street Name: Constantine

Interest to Fixers:
Primary Covert Data Courier
Secondary Fire Support
Secondary Tactical Matrix Support

“Constantine”, as he is known on the streets, is relatively new ‘runner who originally hails from the CAS. Before becoming a shadowrunner, Constantine was a young enlisted soldier in the CAS Army. He ran afoul of the the CAS Uniformed Code of Military Justice and served time, less than a year, for fraud and Identity theft.

Leaving the CAS for the Front Range Free Zone (FRFZ), He tried his luck at entering into the Shadowrunning culture of Denver. He failed and in short order was apprehended and convicted of a number of offenses related to a run that went bad. He was incarcerated, again, but through an error in the FRFZ’s penal system, he was freed several months later.

Constantine has been ‘running the UCAS sector of Denver since mid 2052 and has built up a passable rep as a decent razorguy. In fact, word on the street is that Constantine, though he may be young, has been recently successful in pulling off several jobs, one of which that paid out quite well.

Constantine is fit human who stands 177.8 cm (5’10”) in height. He masses about 80.7394 kilos (178 lb.) and wears his brown hair without style and unkempt. Constantine has brown eyes and usually wears clothes appropriate for bars and bad neighborhoods and on the job, he is never without his lined coat. However, if need be, he can fit in to most social settings with the proper attire.

Manner / Attitude
Constantine is quiet and prefers others to do the talking. He has seen a lot in the short time that he has lived within shadows of Denver. He has seen his luck run out, he has seen companions die and he has learned the definition of the concept of ‘consequences’. Therefore, Constantine’s mannerisms reflect a maturity that he did not have when he had a legal and unblemished SIN. In short, through the consequences of his poor choices, Constantine is learning to accept his past and make do with the present, one day at a time.

Constantine has learned that he has look out for himself as the consequences of his past choices have caused him to leave his country, his family and all that he knew. As a ‘runner, he is loyal to the job since the rewards of the job…besides getting to live another day….equates to the ability to better himself through the opportunities and technology that ill gotten nuyen can only provide. Therefore, he finds that he is forced to be a bit egocentric when it concerns himself via the needs of others.


Bio is located above…..

Other data of note:

Gear & Weapons:

Fianchetti Military 100; Mod-ed with Gas Vent 3
(2) Spare Clips
1x- Quick Draw Holster
20x- APDS rounds

Remington Roomsweeper; Mod-ed with Gas Vent 3
20x- Shot rounds for the Roomsweeper

Streetline Special Hold-Out
(2) Spare Clips
1x- Concealable Holster
10x- Standard rounds

Shock Gloves
Lined Coat, Armor Rating of 9
with: +6 Fire Resistance and +3 Nonconductivity

Notes- Only obvious augmentation is the following:
2x Data Jacks (located behind right ear)
1x Data Lock, Rating 6 (located in left temple)


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