The Genesis Concept

Sunday and Beyond

Late Afternoon on Sunday, 21st of April 2052

The team, after interrogating the decker Tee Hee, decided to conduct some legwork. The were now minus Diesel and Sam, as a few hours ago Diesel had taken Sam to a street doc as he had need of medical attention after being shot so both of then were unavailable for the legwork which needed to take place. The team had learned that Junior hired a team that stole some unstable personality chips. They had also identified the team that Junior had hired. His team consisted of Cooper, the face; Freya, magical support, Tee Hee was the inside man; Griffin, the razor guy and Val, their rigger. Tee Hee told the team that Freya had been left behind on the job.

The result of the legwork was that Gemini found Freya was hiding out at Quickstitch’s , a shadow clinic in the Westside District run by Dr. Bob Quickstitch. Gemini, Manu Manu and Logan located the clinic and then, after the need for a seemingly strange diversion, met Freya as she convalesced from her wounds after she was betrayed by Cooper. Freya told Logan and Gemini that the group was hired by Booker Pengrave from Hollywood Simsense Entertainment (HSE) and while she wasn’t up to the task of helping the team she did offer a razor guy contact named Black Lightning who she said would meet them at Razor’s Edge.

After the team departed Quickstitch’s, Roxanne Wunter called Gemini and wanted to meet him at the Razor’s Edge so that she could be appraised of the team’s progress on the job. At the Razor’s Edge, Logan, Gemini and Manu Manu were ambushed by Junior and his razor boys. After a hard fight, one in which Freya’s contact Black Lightning, even got involved in, Junior was captured but the team was not without injury as Logan took flechettes from a Defiance T-250 shotgun to the face and Black Lightning, who had come to the aid of the team went down after giving Logan and Gemini supporting fire. Manu Manu went unscathed but worked hard to sustain two Increased Reflexes spells on both Gemini and Logan which proved to be pivotal in the course of the fighting.

Gemini was able to secure Black Lightning, Logan and an unconscious and captive Junior Martelli. He then drove off in Logan’s car and Roxanne was able to depart as well. Two Doc Wagon HTRs intercepted Gemini and took Logan and Lightning. Junior was eventually remanded to Eagle Security custody.

By Monday afternoon, Gemini was deep in legwork and had made contact with Logan as he was trying to recover from his wounds. Logan indicated that he would be available the next day, Tuesday the 23rd. Their new friend, Black Light may take a few days longer so his status for impending action was questionable.

Yet, as Monday came to a close, Gemini contacted Diesel and Sam, who was also recovering, and told them that Tuesday night was showtime as he found out that they had a party to crash.



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