The Genesis Concept

Dream Chips

Retrieved Data

The following is a summary of data retrieved by a decker contact of Manu Manu the Slender…..

The following data is relevant as of the 20th / 21st of April, 2052

The chips developed by Global are a combination of BTL chip technology with skillchip applications. The major problem with skillsofts Is that they require a significant amount of hardwired mermory installed Inside of the user. This limits the effectiveness of the skill to the amount of memory Installed In the user. Global Technologies got around this limitation by imposing a synthetic persona, using BTL techniques, over the personality of the user. This technique allows the installation of high-level skills.

Original tests of the chip involved a complicated neural feedback machine, located In Global’s labs. Original users of the chip plugged into the interface machine, which In turn plugged into the chip. This process protects the user from the negative effects of normal BTL chips, brain damage and personality disorders. A hidden design Haw caused a capacitor discharge directly into the brain when the chip is removed from a standard jacket. The research team had yet to reduce those effects to ‘acceptable levels’ with unfiltered chips.

For testing, Global used Jack the Ripper, Genghis Khan, and Cleopatra as personality models. Global assumed that the military would be interested In a chip that combined the skills of a great leader with that leader’s style. As time went by, Global team members began to call the chips and the people testing them by the personality encoded. Jack, Cleo, and Khan became pseudo people within the organization.

Had they been completely successful, the chips would have created an instant cadre of supersoldiers, spies, and assassins. Any individual with the proper sklllwires could change professions as easily as changing a chip. The chip would replace the user’s lower skill levels, and it would still be able to draw from the user’s individual memories and skills to make the person even better. In application, however, each of the three prototypes met with a different level of success.

Additionally, the following is a summary of general data retrieved by the same decker contact of Manu Manu the Slender….

This data is general information already available on the streets of the early 2050s and via all forms of contemporary media. This data was on a retrieved file which was given to Manu Manu the Slender.

Better-Than-Life Chips. or BTLs. or Dreamchips are the drugs of 2050s. Highly addictive, these chips fit into a normal datajack where they begin their single-run sequences. BTLs work by stimulating different centers of the brain. There are many different types of BTLs available on the black market of Chicago.

Dreamchips can induce any of a number of pre-programmed fantasies with direct stlmillation of the pleasure centers of the brain. They are profoundly’addlctive psychologically. though there Is no evidence of physical addiction. The typical chip is timed and usually designed to burn itself out after one play. This prevents undue trauma and keeps addicts coming back for more. Dreamchlps can be plugged into a standard datajack.

In addition to the addiction, frequent use of dreamchips causes cumulative damage to brain cells. making the addict less sensitive to the effect. Users must obtain more frequent doses or increase the amplitude of the signal still further thus increasing brain damage this vicious cycle usually ends with the death of the user. Other effects can be nerve damage, memory loss, or psychotic episodes.

Chips are often modified to play continuously. Timers, self-erase features, and similar safeguards can be overcome. Such chips are called dreamgates on the street. They are usually one-way gates. Subjects hooked into a continuous high-amplitude simsense broadcast normally die within a short time as autonomic systems break down under the high-energy brain stimulation. Death by this means, either as suicide, or as murder by giving someone a ‘loaded’ chip is a staple in cheap adventure fiction.

The most popular type of BTL is an emotion chip. The chip allows the used to feel a certain emotion for a varying amount of time. After the chip’s program has finished. the user crashes, usually feeling the exact opposite emotion for an hour or two. Users of Sunshine Chips, for example, are extremely happy and carefree for two or three hours. After the program finishes. the chip destroys itself and the user crashes. He then becomes despondent and depressed until another chip is inserted or the effect wears off naturally. Habitual users often suffer more violent mood swings upon crashing. with longer recovery times.



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