The Genesis Concept

My...How Time Flies.....

Time Progression

It is Sunday September the 1st of 2053. Fifteen months have gone by since the conclusion of the Global Technology run. Each ‘runner who ran that run has seen time flyby.

Logan has diversified and has a legal persona which he uses to negotiate legal life in Chicago. This compliments his hidden shadow identity. He is a fledgling bail bondsman who has just as of late summer of 2053, employed the team, and himself, on a lucrative job. Gemini and Diesel have been busy within the Chicago shadows as have both Sam and Manu. However, both Sam and Manu have not yet ben able to break out of their respective squatter and low lifestyles and rely on the team’s activities as their main sources of income. Manu, however, has lost over 34 kilos in weight and seems to have embraced the concept of getting into shape. Nitro has just returned from a year running in Seattle, with some success, but had to come back to Chicago due to a run that went bad. Black Lightning, Freya’s contact, who had helped out before becoming injured on the Global Tech worked with both Gemini and Diesel on several outings but, unfortunately, was killed on a run eight months ago.

Global Technology has done very well for itself and both Urlan Manes and Roxane Wunter have not forgotten the team’s efforts. Both the Upright Man and the fixer Noggin have fixed runs for several of the team members from time-to-time.

Another Fall season is upon the denizens of Chicago and as the year 2053 enters into the home stretch, Gemini, Diesel, Manu Manu the Slender, Logan, Nitro and Sam all wonder what the coming winter has in store for them…..



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