The Genesis Concept

Job Well Done


Evening of 26 April 2052

Gemini, Manu Manu the Slender, Nitro, Sam, Logan and Diesel all were very happy. Well, some as happy as they could be given the circumstances they faced.

They all had a cut in the ¥ and even had acquired a bunch of bearer bonds issued from a very relieved and happy Global Technologies CEO, Urlan Manes. The Global Tech job had benefitted everyone hired by Roxanne and procured by the Upright Man. Everyone’s rep just got a tad bit more shiny. However, the events of the last week had not been without cost. Logan, the adhoc team’s face, needs reconstructive surgery, on, well, his face. The combat mage, Sam, also needs reconstructive work done on his face and even needs a set of cybereyes. The Upright Man’s street doc buddy had counseled Sam that his optic nerve had been irrevocable damaged and that Sam would need cyber replacements if he wanted to continue to have the ability of mundane sight. By the close of the day, Sam has now reluctantly come to terms that his magic ability will be slightly diminished as a trade-off of him being able to see in the ‘meat’. Furthermore, the night before last, Gemini went down hard in the fight at the warehouse but was able to assist in the early hours of today in the dispatching of Griffin, “Jack the Ripper” and thereby help with the concluding of the mission as dictated by Global Tech. The future effects of his injuries are not fully known but at this moment, other than pain, Gemini shows no further ill effects of his brush with death.

The Upright Man made sure to send Gemini, Manu Manu the Slender, Nitro, Sam, Logan and Diesel all a voice message of gratitude and the promise that should he have need of their services in the future that he would certainly call upon them as they have proven that they, together, can get the job done. He wished them well in their future shadow endeavors.

OOC Summary: Each character received ¥15,714 currency and ¥11,428 in the form of Global Technology Bearer Bonds (stock). Global Tech’s meeting was a great success for CEO Urlan Manes and Roxanne Wunter’s star seemed to certainly be rising. Furthermore, the razor guy known as Black Lightning was recovering from surgery where he had Wired Reflexes installed. Poor Jr. Martelli, was indicted for a number of crimes and was looking to spend a great number of years within the United Canadian and American States Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois. The spring of 2052 seems bright for the ’runners, indeed.



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