Everything has a beginning. A person is born. A new car is designed and built. A new idea forms within someone’s head. Whatever it is on Earth, manmade or not, something always has a beginning. And in our weird, wonderful and deadly Sixth World, this also pertains to us, the substructure today of socio-economic mess, i.e., Shadowrunners. We all have our beginnings. We all now exist in the shadows, either wholly or partially to some extent and we all have our reasons for doing so. The Genesis Concept is an idea that records the beginnings of several of our peers, or rather, perhaps -future peers in the Shadows of the North American Sixth World. Some of these may already have the experience of a few runs already under their individual belts, so-to-speak. What is important here is that The Genesis Concept records the trials and tribulations, the successes and victories, and the mundane events of the 2050s which comprise the collective and individual stories that are the lives and, perhaps, the deaths of these individuals.

I hope you take a moment out of your boring, corporate, workaday lives and see what real living and dying is all about. See what the dirty underbelly, the substructure of this world you live in really does. Delve into the world of the Shadowrunners. Perhaps you can find your genesis here as well…


City 1

The crux of this campaign is to follow the adventures of a select set of Shadowrunners who have at least one thing in common. That one thing is the fixer known as the Upright Man. There can be, of course, a number of other unifying variables but the focus is centered around their connection to the Upright Man. The name of the campaign symbolizes the beginning of Shadowrun as a milieu where we as gamers and hobbyists became familiar with the 6th World, hence its setting begins in the 2050s. The Genesis Concept is meant to be a campaign where adventures are detailed as game time inexorably unfolds. This means that if a player plays his character with a measure of wisdom and common-sense than that character may well be ’running into the mid-2070s, which is now considered the present game time for 5th Edition.

That being said, yes, Shadowrun 5th Edition is now active and is the ruleset used to govern the campaign. Additionally, we will be adhering to a set of house rules which will, hopefully, enhance our gaming experiences. I, as the GM, wish to develop a rich and diverse dystopian milieu that will enable a number of stories to unfold. This site will be the central communication and data nexus for all aspects of the campaign, in-character and out. Therefore, game session synopses, adventure logs, data on environments and items will all be found on this site.

The campaign begins in the spring of 2052 in the city of Chicago…but that doesn’t mean the campaign has to end there……

The GM


…Word to the wise for the up and comers, Chicago has been chewing up and spitting out meat since the 1800s. I can’t emphasize how important it is to work hard in this town. Short cuts fall short. Do your homework before an op and know who you’re working for. Not so you know who to blame or get revenge on, that’s a losing game, but to know who you might not want to work for in the future or who might be good to work for again. Don’t skimp on the legwork and make sure to keep up with your contacts, even between calls to get info. I didn’t survive this long because I’m the fastest, best shot, or toughest SOB in the shadows. I survived because I knew how to work the shadows and how the shadows were going to work me….Remember, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and— well, I’m sure you know the rest.