Idea for a Game

I have been suffering a paralysis of creativity and I seem not to be able to take a plot past where we are right now in our current Shadowrun game. Reviewing the 2050’s rules and old shadowrun modules, I have done some thinking and I have come up with a workable thing. Here is the theory behind my reasoning:

1. If you look at the silver screen, so to speak, as in movies such as the Italian Job, the Ocean’s trilogy, Sneakers and others….high end criminals do a few jobs a year and spend the rest of their time living the good life. And in movies such as Snatch, etc., lower end criminals and antiheroes do more jobs just to make ends meet….but they most likely don’t do as many as I have thrown at you in past games….

2. Shadowrun and Cyberpunk games are highly influenced by Film Noir so the down-and-out antihero is a major focus (to start with at least).

3. The progression of game time will be tracked and ’runs will be separated by extended time durations. This allows for the progression of time with opens up more published adventures (say, Bug City in 2055, for example). It also allows for the development of rich character histories, backstories and local subplots.

The Film Noir influence and the referenced movies allow a concept of a more realistic progression of game-time where a hodgepodge of personalities attempt to make it in the shadows but NOT by ’running every week of their lives. They are going to have contacts to develop, lives to live, drugs, booze gangs and organized crime to deal with and, of course the law to avoid, etc.,

Idea for a Game

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