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Running Team


  • Session 130810 – Hired by Roxanne Wunter
  • Session 130831 – Found Teehee
  • Session 130921 – Fight at the Razor’s Edge
  • Session 131012 – The Lion’s Den
  • Session 121113 – Payday

Prologue – Trashed

Saturday, April 20, 2052

Healed up pretty good from the run-in with Valentine‘s goons. Was informed to make a meet at some biker bar named the Razors Edge located on the edge of the noose for a possible corp gig. Nice place if you’re in the looking for a fight, dealing the usual vices, and maybe some shadowrunners. I’ll have to see if this place is friendly to the shadows.

When I got there, Diesel introduced me to some new members of the crew. A human named Logan was the new face of our crew. Apparently, I wasn’t doing a good enough job. I know everyone says that a good face is worth their weight in gold, but I think they just drain a larger share out of the profits. I’ve never seen a face able to replace what I can find in the ‘trix. At least he’s Japanese, I don’t have to deal with all these mafia goons by myself. Then there was this human named Sam. Not sure if that’s his real name or if he’s just bad at coming up with a street name. He’s a mage and apparently our replacement for Shorty. Finally there’s this huge, fat I’m not sure what race he is. He starts sniffing the wall and asks if I have any food. Diesel says he’s another mage, but I’m not sure if we need a freak like this on our team. Diesel says he’s replacing Nitro who had to go back to the Ancients. I think maybe Nitro went back after he got a whiff of this guy.

We were let into the back room by the troll bouncer and ended up meeting with one Roxanne Wunter, the division head Backdoor Technologies Inc, a subsidiary of Global Technologies Inc. Roxy’s boss, the CEO of GTI, Urlan Manes was there also. He asked us to find some experimental skill chips that one of his hot shot employees named Tee Hee stole from the company.

At one point, Thomas Martelli aka “Junior” interrupted the meet. An ork with a flare for the dramatic, he seemed a bit of a douche. He exchanged some words with Urlan and left without if talking about the job at hand.

Urlan’s offer was pretty straight forward, a cool hundred gees (100,000¥) per chip we get. These things must be pretty hot if they cost that much. Logan started to negotiate for more, but I just shook my head. If the CEO of a company shows up himself and drops his own name, he’s wearing his heart on his sleeve. They’re likely throwing whatever they can at this problem. This new face is like a used car salesman, just trying to get as much as can from any situation. we decided to take the run without further discussion.

Roxanne gave us a box of Tee Hee’s stuff.

  • Lighter from a matrix cafe named ‘Breadboards Quaff and Stuff’.
  • Fresh loose tea, less than a week old – Orion’s Special Blend from Orion’s Market.
  • Picture of a Professor from the University of Chicago with a handle of Flair.
  • Used electronic toolkit

I claimed the toolkit as I am the decker of the team.

The Run
Run: Recover experimental skill chips
Payment: ¥100,000 per chip
Client: Roxanne Wunter
Contact: 947C-46CF-A7D1-87A6
Timeframe: 1 week

After the meet, the group caught some sleep and I decided to peruse the ’trix for some information.

Electronic Toolkit 1 Kept

Sunday, April 21, 2052

Woke up early to try and find Tee Hee. I decided we should hit Breadboards Quaff and Stuff. Matrix Cafés were my kind of place. This place served breakfast and Manu ordered more food than the entire team combined. We found little information and the others decided to hit up Orion’s Market a few stores down. When both places turned up nothing, we pondered our next move. Manu was waiting outside after being kicked out for eating too much. Well Dr. Hendrick decided to pay a visit and we ended up following him back to his place.

Diesel and I decided to crash his apartment and found Tee Hee hiding at Flairs, Apt 1417B. I confiscated Tee Hee’s Fuchi Cyber-3, which was better than the deck I had. After some grilling, Tee Hee informed us that he was told by Junior that the runner named cooper was going to have him be the inside man on the run to steal some unstable personality chips. Tee Hee gave us the names of the runners and we decided to let him go.

  • Cooper – Face
  • Freya – Mage – Tee Hee said she was left behind.
  • Griffin – Street Sam
  • Val – Rigger
  • Tee Hee – Decker (Inside man)

While Diesel and I were inside, some Halloweeners decided to give our teammates down in the alley a hard time. Sam took a shotgun blast in the face and was hurt pretty bad. The others were able to deal with the weanies, but we had to hurry Sam to a street doc to keep him alive.

Need to find this Cooper to get the skill chips.

Fuchi Cyber-3 1 Kept
Jazz 6 Kept
Mobile phone 2 Kept
Browning Ultra-Power 2 Kept
HP Explosive Ammo 60 Kept
Remington Roomsweeper 2 Kept
Flechette Shotgun Ammo 48
Browning Ultra-Power 4 450 1800
Remington Roomsweeper 4 300 1200
Laser Sight 6 500 3000
Total 6000
Amount received 2400
Credstick 6 187 1122
Mobile Phone 4 20 100
Fenced Weapons 2400
Total 3622

Expenses: ¥87

Sunday, Apr 21, 2052 1:53pm

We decided to call around to find the members of the running team. To our frustration, they all appeared to have gone to ground after the run. Probably smart as these chips were hot. Tee Hee says they actually change the personality of the slotter. We were about to give up when Noggin called me back and tells me that Freya, the runner left behind, was hiding out Quickstitche’s, a shadow clinic on the west side run by Dr. Bob Quickstitch.

Quickstitch’s takes their clientele’s safety very seriously. They would not let us back to talk to Freya, and Manu was starting to make a scene licking the furniture. I told him he had to leave and as I was dealing with Manu, Logan managed to con his way into the back. Speaking with Freya, we find out that her team was hired by Booker Pengrave from Hollywood Simsense Entertainment (HSE). It seems that HSE has some interest in these personality chips. We asked Freya if she wanted some payback on the people who left her to die, but she was not up for the task. She said she knew a razor named Black Lightning and called him up. We told him to meet us at the Razor’s Edge and headed out.

Sunday, Apr 21, 2052 5:05pm

On the way to the Razor’s Edge, we got a call from Roxanne, asking us to meet her there. coincidence? No sooner did we get there when a large number of orks crashed through the windows trying to kill Ms. Wunter. Even though we hadn’t spoke to Black Lightning, he lept into action downing a number of orks before they concentrated fire on the street samurai. Logan even managed to take one out before catching a T250 shotgun round to the face. Hmmm, maybe we should call him Shotgun Logan. I managed to take down Martelli, who arranged this ambush, and was stupid enough to join them, before some ork with an uzi started spraying me. I managed to fool him by pretending to be killed and he lit out before anyone else got there.

A couple Doc Wagon HTRs showed up and took Logan and Lightning, and I got Martelli and Wunter out before the Eagle showed up. I grabbed a bunch of gear, threw it in Junior’s trunk, and then took Junior to Quickstitche’s. I took all of Juniors stuff before handing over to the doc. He had a whiz smartwatch, pocket secretary, and invitations to a party.

Roxy and I had a long talk in the waiting room and she finally gave me the low-down on the chips. I also talked her into springing for some warez for one of the razors. She seemed impressed at my selflessness at working the deal. Once she left I made a call to James. In the heat of everything, I forgot to grab the gun I dropped. I’ll have to slide him 500¥ for picking up my pistol from the scene. I also gave him the information on the hit at the Razor’s Edge. I told him where he could find Junior, and that he hired the goons to take out a suit.

Purchased a cover for the westwind, removed the tracking device and stored the car in a long term storage garage. I tossed the tracker on an 18-wheeler with Pennsylvania plates. By the time Junior gets out of the slam, he’ll have a hell of a time finding his car.

Orks Killed
Bret Caston
Danilo Vesey
Brant-Javier Cabibbo
Nicky Grates
Salvatore-Hoyt Sagoes Yamazaki
Homer Scarpino
Eurocar Westwind 2000 1 Kept
Ruger Super Warhawk 2 Kept
Monofiliment whip 1 Kept
HP APDS Rounds 70l Kept
Flechette Shotgun Rounds 38 Kept
Pocket Secratary Kept
Juniors Wrist Phone Kept
Invitations to HSE party @ Pengraves condo 6 Kept
Smartgoggles, Smartlink 2 Kept
Ingram Smartgun 2 Kept
SMG Explosive Rounds 184 Kept
Stun Baton 2 Kept
Speed Loader 1 Kept
Ruger Super Warhawk 2 300 600
Defiance T-250 Short Barrel Shotgun 4 750 3000
Room sweeper 6 300 1800
Survival Knife 5 550 2750
Stun Baton 2 400 800
Total 8950
Amount received 3580
Cerified Credsticks 4 5000 20000
Certified Credsticks 5 1000 5000
Mobile Phone 4 20 80
Fenced Weapons 3580
Total 28660

Expenses: 500 ¥

Monday, Apr 22, 2052

Had an appointment at Quickstitch this morning. Just some minor adjustments to make my already stunning good looks even more awesome. Dr. Quickstitch is a bit direct, but he does good work. He said I should be all healed up by tomorrow.

We decided to spend our day trying to find out what the word on the street was. Logan found out that the rigger Val was calling herself Cleopatra and hanging out with a Booker Pengrave. It was spreading like wildfire across the socialite circles of Chicago, so I made a call to Flax. Sure enough, she gave me the info on Cleopatra. For a secretary in a meat packing plant, she knew a lot about what was going on in Chicago.

  • Cleopatra (Val) – The rigger Val slotted the chip Cleopatra. She started throwing around a lot of cash and hooked up with Booker Pengrave. Pengrave is having a party Tuesday at 6pm by invitation only.

I told Flax that I had invitations to the party and asked if she wanted to go. She didn’t believe me at first; I had to send her a picture of the invitation, all swanky with gold ink on vellum. She got so excited I thought she may pass out. She decided she needed to get something new to wear so I sent her 2500 nuyen to buy something nice.

With nothing else to do that day, I decided to hit up the old neighborhood. There’s this old abandoned squat that would make a nice shop. I don’t have the cash yet, but the warehouse tucked away in the noose enough that I won’t have to worry about Eagle Security. Charlie wasn’t around that day, but I ran into Malcolm. I popped him 20 nuyen and he told me something big was going down. Says there’s some new guy calling himself Khan and getting all the gangers rallying behind him. After a few phone calls, I found out that this Khan guy matched the description of the face cooper.

  • Genghis Khan (Cooper) – The face Cooper must have slotted the Genghis Khan chip. He started gathering the various gangs under him; Blood Rumblers, Red Rovers, Eye Fivers, & Spike Wheels. He is starting a gang war in the noose and plans on having a meeting with the leaders on Wednesday in an abandoned warehouse north of The Noose.

That left Griffin with the Jack the Ripper. Knowing that it was easy to find out more information on Griffin (Jack).

  • Jack the Ripper (Griffin) – The Steet Sam Griffin slotted the Jack the Ripper chip and has been slashing joy girls. He has killed 9 joy girls/boys in the last 4 days. Cops are baffled. Met with James at Slackjaws and basically gave the Eagle the break in the case they needed to catch the slasher. James is going to snag the disc for us and hopefully get a promotion.

-2500¥ Spoke to Flax to find out about Val. Invited her to the party.
-20¥ to Malcolm (Street Kid) for information on the escalating gang war.
-2500¥ to James for acquiring the disc after the arrest.

Tuesday, Apr 23, 2052

The plan was simple! I activate the fire alarms, and while all the people are jammed togther trying to get out of the exits, Logan reaches up and pulls the chip out of Val‘s chipslot. Easy Peasy. I’m not sure how they managed to fuck that up.

Guess I should backup a bit. We decided to go to Pengrave’s party to try and get the Cleopatra chip from Val. I show up with my date Flax. In a bit of irony, I show up in Junior’s car. Apparently the valet was warned about the car and I was given the royal treatment. Flax was impressed and thought it was for me. I could get used to having nuyen. I tipped the valet 100 nuyen and gave him a wink. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re meta-friendly as the valet wrinkled his nose at Flax, even though she was smoking hot in her purple evening dress by Armante.

We got up to Pengrave’s flat and mingled a bit. Flax was in her element. I saw a number of sneers from some of the patrons, f@%king closet poli-clubbers. Flax didn’t seem to mind and she was a lot smarter than these entitled social dreks. She would just talk circles around those people until everyone was laughing at them.

I saw Logan and Sam, gave them a quick nod, and slipped off to find a jack point. The building’s network was a joke and I quickly took control of the network. I activated the fire alarms and hacked into the camera’s to watch. It was agonizing watching Logan wait to grab the chip. He let them get all the way to Booker’s personal elevator. Who the frag uses an elevator during a fire? Couldn’t Pengrave understand those pictographs that say when there’s a fire, run down the f@%king stairs!!!!

Usually when the fire alarm goes off, it shuts down the elevator system. But this fragger has his own personal elevator, it opened up and they all pile in. Logan and Sam included. I cut to the elevator camera and I’m not sure what they’re going to do, so I stopped the elevator. Logan made his move, pulled out a pistol and shot Pengrave. Val flips out and Logan shot her. What the frag??? I started the elevator back up and stopped it on the garage level, checking the cameras to make sure no-one is on the outside.

By the time we get back together, Logan is smiling and says “I got the disk.” Like he didn’t just shoot two people to get it. What an asshole. I’m gonna have a talk about Diesel about the crew.

-100¥ for Valet parking

Wednesday, Apr 24, 2052

We got two more days to get these chips and two chips to go. Its a sunny day in the Windy City and the ’trix is calling my name.

Flax left me a message saying thanks for the dress and party and sorry that we had to cut the night short with the fire and all. She said that she and some of the guys from the plant were going to the goblin bar Clank-N-Steins on the northside. She said she’d look out for me, but I think I’ll pass.

Word in the ‘trix was all abuzz about this meeting tonight at a warehouse called the Lion’s Den on the north side. Word is that Khan is going to make his pitch to all the gangers to become their leader and take over Chicago. I sent a message to the team about attending.

I called up Moochi from the Ragers and he told me that part of his gang was going to see what was up at these gathering. I asked if our crew could tag along and if he could provide us with some jackets so we don’t look out of place. He said he couldn’t promise me anything, but nuyen might make the guys more accepting of the idea.

I talked to Diesel and we decide to go int the Lion’s Den and play it by ear. We met up with the Ragers and I ended up paying each of them 100 nuyen to let us attend with them. Moochi said they didn’t have anything that would fit “Fatboy Slim”, so Manu once again had to support us from the outside.

The guys at the door gave us a hard time. Apparently the meet was just for the gang leaders and their lieutenants. We managed to con our way inside and Khan was on a crate talking with the leaders. He appeared to hold some water with the gang leaders and they all seemed to be carefully weighing his words. The gangers were eyeing each other warily, and Khan had gangers guarding the perimeter of the warehouse. We started arguing with each other on what we’re going to do and one of the gangers guarding the perimeter got curious. Diesel said “Frag this!” and shot Khan.

Logan, without out missing a beat, yelled “Double-cross!!!” and shot. The warehouse erupted into gunfire and gangers start running in from the outside. It became a chaotic, hot mess and I lost track of the team. I started making my way for Khan, using the crates as cover.

And then someone threw a grenade.

It must have been Diesel cause it landed right at Khan’s feet. Took him out and his two troll flunkies. With the warehouse in full revolt, I was able to make it to Khan without much trouble. I pulled out the Khan chip, rifle through his pockets and found his Harley fob and a credstick; I hoping it would cover the cost of the jackets. Since no one was really paying attention to me, I grabbed Khan’s guns, but left the ones on the trolls.

Man, we lit out of their like are asses were on fire. I called Moochi later that night and he was sure we had something to do with it. I assured him that we did not, but we would have something for his leader as a token of our esteem. I wanted to cruise the ’trix, but I was way too tired. We got 2 of the chips and it was a good day to die.

Ragers Gang Jacket 1 Kept
Harley Scorpion 1 Kept
Fichetti Security 500 w/ Laser Sight 1 Kept
LP Regular Rounds 30 Kept
Uzi III w/ Laser Sight 1 Kept
SMG Regular Rounds 48 Kept
Cerified Credsticks 1 2000 2000
Total 2000

-500¥ for Rager jacket.
-1000¥ to Rager’s leader for their help.

Thursday, Apr 25, 2052

Woke up this morning to my phone ringing. James was on the line. He had the chip and wanted to get rid of it before he had to lie about it, the last Boy Scout. I met him over at Slackjaws and he told me it was good that I was working to help a corp instead of stealing from them. I told him that it was all about the Benjamins, but he didn’t get it. He thought that I was talking about one of the suits I was working for. I bought him lunch and told him to bust some Mafia goons.

I called Logan and told him I had the chip and he set up a meet with Roxy at the Red Velvet Lounge. This was a swank place, the owner is known as The White Queen. Creamy white skin and very regal. They say she’s there every Tuesday night, but makes an appearance occasionally on other nights. Some say she’s a vampire.

Roxy met us in a back room and paid us our agreed fee. She was very excited to get the chips back and that we may have saved the company. Logan, of course never being satisfied with just enough, managed to talk her into giving us shares of the company. I guess that’s good if I ever get out of the shadows. She paid for our tab and said she had a big day with the board of directors in the morning.

I decided to make the most of my new found wealth, but I was getting too many guys hitting on me at the Red Velvet Lounge. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn purple.

Cerified Credsticks 1 85000 85000
GTI Bearer Bonds ? 11,428
Total 85000


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