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CHICAGO UNDERWORLD (taken and modified from the 2050 Sourcebook)
Chicago is and forever will be a mob town. A big part of the reason for Chicago’s political power is the backing of the mob. When New York got shaken up in the Quake and Las Vegas went to the NANers, Chicago was the last major power base for the Mafia in the US/ UCAS. A lot of the best and brightest (conniving and ruthless in mob terms) made moves to Chicago, and nature took its course. The strong survived, the weak were culled from the herd, and Chicago was left with nothing but apex predators swimming in their criminal pool. That pool is getting a little bloody lately. The Mafia has been working to cast out anyone with almond- shaped eyes to slow the Yaks’ progress, and sometimes their methods cross over the border into madness.

> This means that anyone associating with the slants might want to reconsider. The mob doesn’t always make their statements with Oriental blood.
> FeralWon

Chicago is home to two major Mafia families, one mid-size family, and a half-dozen smaller families. All of these families make up what is known as “The Chicago Outfit,” and all of them answer to a single don. The big families are each granted control of certain operations to prevent a lot of overlap and infighting but every family still has operations of every sort. They all know enough to keep their individual operations small, and they always pass a cut to the right family. The mob here in Chicago has a rich history, which I ain’t gonna bore you with, but I will give you some details on the current operators.

Capone Family
Don Jim “Tools” O’Toole heads up all the families in Chicago and rose up through this famous family. He’s the exception to the rule in the Chicago Outfit that bosses should be Sicilian or Italian. He’s not one hundred percent Irish—his great grandfather was Sicilian (and a descendant of Capone)—but he’s a whole lot more mick than any other Chicago top mobster. The Capones control the three Gs (gambling, guns, girls) throughout most of Chicago. These aren’t exclusively theirs, but the other families make sure to inform the Capones if they do any work in one of those fields. A lot of the top members of the family live Downtown, and O’Toole has a place in the Truman Tower. O’Toole doesn’t trust anyone, so he makes sure to spread the rest of his boys all over Chicagoland to keep an eye out.

> You can tell who’s currently on Tools’ drek list by who has to work the Noose.
> MafiaDon

> The Noose is actually pretty sweet. The money’s solid, and it’s easy to make problems disappear.
> DaMob

DeLuca Family
Capo Angelo “Copdrop” DeLuca is the only family head who still has the family name. He’s the great- great-grandson of Joseph DeLuca, a Midwestern mobster from the early 1900s. He got the nickname while coming up in the family when he tossed an Eagle Security Lieutenant out a window of the Skydeck Restaurant in the Hancock Building. He has no qualms about getting rid of anyone who gets in his way.

The DeLucas are the second-largest family in the Chicago Outfit, and they control drugs, protection, money laundering, and smuggling. The variety of work within the DeLuca family makes them a very diverse bunch. Smooth-tongued dealers, muscular enforcers, genius accountants, and gearhead smugglers are just some of the folks that make up this family. They definitely have the widest spectrum of goons of all the families, and they are spread out all over the city. Capo DeLuca lives inside The Village in Northside but also has a house just north of the Ares research park in Westside. Of special interest are the money-laundering operations in Chicago. To work against the tide of megacorporate wealth in this city, the DeLuca family uses their connection to the government and the control they still maintain giving out business licenses to create a healthy smattering of small mom-and-pop operations all over the city to nip at the heels of the big boys. They’re not supposed to win any business wars—they’re just supposed to be annoying and maybe bring in some nuyen, either through sales or through collections on fire insurance once the places are closed down by their owners. These places rarely survive a year or two before they close up shop, and often another similar store opens up soon after the first closes. Sometimes the little businesses see a lot of success and get bought by a big Chicago player. When this happens the mob tends to not argue and sells for whatever price the corps offer. If the corp really low-balled the offer and the mob wants a little extra satisfaction, they will find certain agreeable individuals to inhibit business after the deal is done. In all my years these have been some of the funnest jobs I’ve ever taken, because the mob pays extra for creativity.

> Copdrop did not have a good year in 2049 as it brought all sorts of harassment by Eagle and the Feds on his operations and there has been some internal turmoil ever since.
> DaMob

Giancana Family
Capo Cecilia “Queen Mary” D’Angelo rules her small family with an iron fist. She got her name from her ruthless first kill where she beheaded a man with an axe. The name stuck, the beheadings continued, and now she controls the most vicious family in Chicago. They only control one major business in the city: wet- work. The Giancana family has connections to some of the best assassins around the world, and they are the people to talk to in Chicago if you need some- one to disappear without a trace. As a side aspect of their business, they have great cleaning services. International Car Care in Southside can have a ‘48 Land Rover car-lot clean in under two hours, even after four trolls bled out from gunshot wounds inside it.

> Also makes them a great family for high-end weapons and all sorts of dirt.
> DaMob

> Hit up Phoenix Gunworks in Southside for some primo custom work.
> Phalanx

Yakuza, The Rising Sun
Since the mid-’40s the Yakuza has been slowly building strength in a very harsh environment. With the help of their strong ties and connections within Mitsuhama, they’ve managed to make a foothold in Westside. This obviously means that elements of the Four Oyabun Rengo are present in Chicago. That being said, it appears that the Yamato-gumi and the Ken Mizu-Kai, both out of Denver, seem to be the only other nexus of importing yakuza influence into the Westside.

With the recent completion of Mitsuhama’s HQ in the Core, expect to see some more expansion into that area as well, but expect that to be a bit bloody since the Capones don’t want the other families to see them as weak.

If you’re looking for work or info from the Yaks, check out the bunraku parlors around Dream Town. They offer some interesting chipped girls that I’ve never heard of anywhere else in the world, including full-immersion alternate personalities. I’ve never visited any of the parlors myself, but it sounds interesting. Most of the parlors also have gambling dens attached or close by to get more bang for their buck, and also to provide protection services. Be careful doing work for the Yaks. Mistakes aren’t tolerated, and they are small enough to take things personally and feel the need to make examples. If you know how to be a true pro and get the job done, these guys will keep you as busy as you want. Also be careful of the mob. They’ve been known to make examples of runners working for the Yaks so that the rest of us understand what’s good for us.

> The Yakuza is a very professional organization. If they take things personally, you will never know.
> Nippon

> Mitsuhama is supplying the wires and chips for these unique girls. All experimental. The data they collect could be valuable to any number of other corps in the city.
> Iron Core

The Up and Comers and Small-timers
The Chicago streets are dangerous, and often individuals will band together to try to protect themselves and what they have from the meat grinder. I’ll talk about it here only because most folks consider the activities criminal in nature, but often the only criminal enterprise these groups partake in is violence while defending what is theirs. Don’t take everything I say for chip-truth, though. I’m old, with a reputation from my younger days, so I get treated a little different then some young punk looking to cut his teeth on the streets. Remember your manners when it’s prudent, remember threats only work on the weak, and when the shooting starts, drop the leader and declare yourself new king of the tribe. It’s worked at least once in the history of Chicago.

> Before some calls bulldrek, I’ll back the fogey. Back in the twenties he was making a delivery for the Capones into P-Kill territory. The gang stopped him, and he opened his big mouth. When the gunfire started he went for the leader, an elf named MDK. When the leader went down he yelled out to declare himself the new boss. It worked. He stayed leader for a month before MDK’s faithful in the gang ousted him.
> Chi-Guy

> Old-Timer iced three of MDK’s boys before he decided to quit.
> Harlem Knight

I’ll keep it brief here. The go-gangs, what few there are, are mostly speed freaks and thrill junkies. They can be useful for delivering things and distractions but do very little in the way of organized criminal enterprises. Same tends to go for the gangs in Chicago. None of them are huge, and all of them are territorial. Most of the gangs are actually just locals banding together for a sense of belonging and safety. They can be violent and crazy and have clashes over parts of neighborhoods that overlap or if something of particular value to them is on a block they don’t call their own. Most never venture much further than a block or two from their territory.

Triads, the Chinese Mob
Small and focused in what remains of Chinatown, the Chinese mob (or Triad) has kept in business by keeping their niche and not expanding into other territories. They’ve had some trouble lately with the Chicago Outfit’s lack of precision in targeting Asians, and some members are definitely ready to retaliate. They focus primarily in Awakened drugs and opium but keep business small enough to not cut into the mob’s profits.

> The flesh trade’s a secondary source of income for them. Lots of families don’t need daughters in the Land of Warlords, so they pack ‘em up and ship ‘em off via the slave trade. They stop briefly in Seattle, then head to Chicago (the natives turn a blind eye if they’re given enough nuyen. The same smugglers run Sioux-made guns back to the warlords on the return trip. Handy way of getting rid of old milspec gear that’s gone out of date). From Chicago, they fan out across the continent. The ones that don’t survive the trip are ghoul fodder. Everybody wins.
> Foo Manchoo

> Magical extortion’s also a thing. The Triads don’t have the mob’s connections or the Yak’s firepower, but nobody can match ‘em when it comes to the mojo. They rarely go for public displays, but if you read the local papers, you’ll see a lot of suicides of the “stepped in front of a bus” or “fell off a roof” type. If you deal with the Triads, make sure you keep an eye on your material links.
> Pan

Though technically little more than a gang, I wanted to separate out and give the neo-anarchists a little special distinction because they deserve it. Joined together by a general distaste for what society has become, the neo-a’s are still in the grassroots movement phase of their existence here in Chicago. They despise big government and the corporate control of the world. They are all about getting the wageslaves to wake up and realize the life they live is not really a life at all. They are spread all over the city in small cells—they like to call them tribes—but their heart lies in Northside. They do a lot of contract work with runners, especially hooders, and often pay in goods instead of cash. The neo-a’s also have some of the hottest deckers in the Chicago, and they are always willing to sign on for a job with a team if they get the chance to cut up some corporate IC. Be careful, though, since they tend to be a bit showy and they often like to add some extra chaos to the corporation. These deckers and the massive variation they have in their membership also makes them a great source for information on a wide variety of topics. Information is another popular payment, and they frequently keep books of how much individuals “owe” them. When they call on the debt, don’t refuse or you’ll lose your info broker.

> If you hire a local, it’s important to remember that it’s all about big shows and leaving marks for them, not getting the job done quietly. If you have a reputation, expect to be drawn into far more duels than you’d care to. God, if I had a deci-nuyen for every time I’ve heard the line “So I hear you’re fast, ‘Jack…”
> FastJack

> Your fault for being so drekkin’ wiz, you know. Maybe you should take a dive.
> Quickdraw

> Sorry Quicks, not gonna happen. Get used to being Number Three.
> FastJack

Drug Scene
Drugs are a criminal enterprise, but there are a lot of places in Chicago where you wouldn’t be able to tell. For most of the wageslaves and workers who trudge through life in Chicago, their only escape is some sort of recreational habit. Marijuana, synthahol, and sim- sense are the three most common escape strategies. BTL usage in places like Northside and the Noose are common, and Dream Town was built on pushing the limits of sim. Life in this city takes a toll, and most of the everyday folks can’t afford to get away physically so they follow the street adage, “Pop a chip, take a trip, get a grip” to solve their stress issues. Most of the harder physical drugs like heroin, meth, coke, etc. are only common in the Noose or with the SINless. Workers can’t afford the loss of productivity those drugs cause. The out-of-work folks don’t care much about getting anything done, so they hop a ride to cloud nine with whatever they can get their hands on. It’s an ugly scene, and a lot of the pushers really prey on the down and out.

> There has been a rash of killings lately targeting dealers of these hard drugs. A few dealers have looked to contract security from us.
> Baron Aaron

> Those same guys are also hiring some of us to get their biggest competitors off the street.
> Burst

Art Thieves
I’m putting this little Chicago snippet here because I feel what initially happened was a crime. I’m talking about the museum district of Chicago and the events that transpired there after Alamos ripped up the Sears Tower. For those not up on that bit of history, let me explain. When the tower came down and downtown took a hit like no other, a large number of the museums suffered damage. To pile on the injuries, insurance companies were unwilling to pay to recover lost art. Corporations and wealthy individuals started hiring runners to hit the museums and recover the art for them. It was the worst pillaging of priceless art since the Nazis’ actions in WWII. These pieces are now part of various collections that are targeted by thieves of all walks. Neo-anarchists want to give the collection back to the museums, runners want to steal and sell them to other interested parties, collectors hire runners to build their personal collection, and many more, often trivial, reasons and individuals get involved. It’s work, but most of the pieces are up in towers of the Core. Which means they’re not easy targets.

> Executive mansions in other parts of the city are easier, but still only something pros should try.
> LadderClimber

> The biggest buyers are the wanna-be types that orbit around a Mafia nephew or middle-managers who are trying to look more suave to the higher-ups. Of course, if they had the money to buy these things legit, they’d be better poised to get those promotions on their own merit. These fraggers will always try and renegotiate a deal on you so they can skip out on as much of the bill as possible. Be forewarned and bring some heavy hitters with you to help enforce the deal you originally signed. No point in killing anybody for it, but since these yutzes sometimes get to climbing up the ranks, I can’t advise giving them a limp, either. Prideful, revenge- minded, petty, greedy … brats are brats, no matter how they dress up.
> Katie Kite

Chicago Underworld

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