Tag: Enemy


  • Capt. Trent Grissim

    Capt Grissim is a cop on a mission. He has made it his personal mission to clean up the streets of Denver. Grissim believes the ends justifies the means, but never steps over the line enough to be called into question. His one failure is apprehending the …

  • Valentine

    Valentine was a small time employee of Mitsahuma. In a botched attempt to embezzle through the company, Valentine blames Gemini for his fall. Valentine is one of the few people who know Gemini's real identity.

  • Marrow

    Marrow, until recently, was leader of the Marrow Clan ghouls. The Marrow Clan believed they were genetically better than normal meta-humans and were working towards the goal of freeing all ghoul-kind from the shackles of meta-humanity. That is until a …