The Genesis Concept

A Call from and Old Friend

“I’m taking one of these.” Pakulski grabs a doughnut out off box on a beat cop’s desk. He did not know the rookie’s name, so he just winks as he bites into the glazed pastry. The taste of soy invades his mouth and Pakulski suppresses a gag and lets pushes the abomination out with his tongue, allowing to fall into the trash can. Pakulski slams the other half into the can and glares at the rookie. “Damn son, don’t bring that shit into the precinct. There are some things you shouldn’t buy soy.”

“yes sargeant!” petrified, the rookie tries his best to look busy on a report. Typing furiously on the keyboard, the rookie finds himself backspacing continuously. Pakulski, a vice detective in Chicago’s illegal BTL market, stands over the rookie and snickers at the cop’s unease. Pakulski is an imposing figure, standing six and a half feet tall. Taller than the average ork, Pakulski works out regularly so that his already large frames dwarfs even other orks. He wears his blonde hair cropped short, reminiscent of his time in the UCAS Marines. As he watches the screen, Pakulski frowns as he recognizes a name on the screen.

pakulski.jpg“What’s this rookie?” His voice sounds like a gravel rockslide. Grabbing a napkin, Pakulski tries to wipe the after taste out of his mouth. He points at a strange logo at the top of the report the rookie is looking at. The image reminds Pakulski of an upside-down sunrise.

“It’s a report that was sent in this morning. I am entering into the precinct’s database.” The rookie’s shaky voice belies his bravado. Unable to tell if the sergeant is mad at him, rookie risks a glance at Pakulski. Pakulski is completely engrossed in reading the screen. He pushes the rookie out of the way and commandeers his keyboard.

“I’ll take this rookie, I think it’s related to a case I’m working.” Pakulski emails the file to his own account and deletes it from the rookies computer. He smiles a toothy smile a clicks his tusks a couple times completely unnerving the rookie. “Remember rookie, real doughnuts next time.”

Pakulski walks quickly back to his desk and pays little head to those around him. A three hundred pound ork has a way of making people move out his way. Pakulski is completely surprised when one of those people fails to get out of his way. Another detective, human with short brown hair, turns and Pakulski swears leans into the shoulder hit. Only a few inches shorter than him, the human’s physique is impressive even to an ork. Pakulski face tightens into a scowl when he sees his assailant.

“Watch yourself Simica!” Pakulski tries to shove detective Simica away, but Simica is already backing away from the large ork.

“Sorry Paku, you should pay attention to where you’re going, you don’t want set one of these rookies up for a fall.” Pakulski knows that comment is jibe from when they first worked together. Simica’s smug smile causes Pakulski to take a step towards him, but realizes that would not look good to the captain.

Pakulski continues to his desk where he forwards the document before deleting it off his own system. He grabs his phone and makes a quick call, speaking in muted tones. “Hey Logan, I saw an interesting memorandum come into our system today. I managed to grab it before it got submitted into the database. I’m not sure who you pissed off, but they must be pretty well connected to get this kind of info.” Pakulski glares at Simica as he makes his way from the precinct’s bullpen.

The Aftermath
Media Reports

Chicago News-Intelligencer Update-Net October 11/2053/14:00/Local Chicago Stories


A European policlub known as “the Revenants” takes credit for the recent bombing of corporate shuttle.

A demonstration by Australian government employees demanding higher pay increases is forcibly broken up with the aid of several corporate security teams.

City officials warn that travel into all tribal lands may be further restricted.

Eagle Security confiscates over 20,000 BTL chips in breaking up one of the city’s largest smuggling rings.

Universal Brotherhood announces plans for three more missions near the Noose.

Eagle Security’s city contract is up for renewal. Negotiations begin next week.

Strice Foods announces it is withdrawing its new product, Amber Gel, from the market.

MegaMedia announces the retirement of their mega-big simstar, Euphoria.

“Mauler” Tate, star of the WINDY CITY TORRENT, is given his unconditional release for refusal to take experimental steroids.

The elusive European policlub known as “the Revenants” today claimed responsibility for last weeks’s bombing of the Werner-Voss corporate shuttle on its run from Berlin to London. The shuttle, a British National Aerospace T306, exploded over the English Channel, killing all 175 aboard. From examined wreckage, aviation experts have determined the cause to be an incendiary device. How the device was planted in spite of stringent security measures remains a mystery.

It has been reported that BBC-VI received an extensive data-pak from the Revenants detailing the nature and placement of the explosive device. Authorities have yet to release any information, pending further investigation.
Continued on page 12.

In a surprise move, Strice Foods today announced that it was suspending distribution of its popular stuffer, Amber Gel. Strice representatives denied reports that this was in any way connected to the cancelled Euphoria promotions just over a week ago.

Strice representatives also denied published reports that MegaMedia, the simsense giant, had launched a military operation against Strice’s Amber Gel production facility last month. MegaMedia had no comment.

Industry experts reacted with amazement at the Strice announcement. “That’s wild,” said Nik Elliot, industry analyst. "Amber Gel is their numero uno. Why on earth would they kill it?”
Continued on page B1

MegaMedia Inc., the simsense conglomerate, announced yesterday that their highest-grossing star, Euphoria, would be retiring following the completion of her latest sim. MegaMedia spokesperson Angela Lane, citing “personal confidentiality,” refused comment on whether or not the star’s retirement was linked to her recent abduction in Chicago. Knight Errant Security is conducting an investigation into the abduction along with local Chicago Eagle Security personnel, but it has not yet issued a statement. Rumors continue to circulate as to the nature of that abduction, some saying it was a failed kidnapping by a deranged fan.

According to Lane, Euphoria would not be making a public statement until after the completion of Against the Hive Masters (formerly Jungle Princess), her latest project currently in studio production at MegaMedia. Euphoria’s longtime manager, Robert Carrone, has said that Hive Masters is already over budget and is still not close to completion.

Lou Buckminster, founder and president of the international Euphoria fanclub, Euphoriacs, expressed shock and disbelief. “It can’t really be true! She wouldn’t do that to us! She wouldn’t leave us like this. We’re her fans, we made her famous! She owes us!” Mr. Buckminster went on to encourage all of Euphoria’s fans worldwide to fax the star and convince her to reconsider her retirement.

Euphoria burst upon the simsense scene in 2048 with Shotgun Blues, a bizarre tale of a crazed Indian who kidnapped a native tourist and dragged her through the Native American Nations while he searched for his long-lost shotgun.

Industry insiders continue to speculate that Euphoria’s retirement stems from personal conflict with her frequent co- star, Hans Vandenburg. MegaMedia publicists, however, deny such rumors. Said Carrone, “Sure she bugs him occasionally, but she does that to everyone.”

A Night on the Town

Gemini stumbles out of the bunraku parlor into bright sunlight of the crisp October morning. Smelling of sweat, booze, and sex, he clumsily dons his new designer Zoe sunglasses. Despite the chill in the air, Gemini holds his suit jacket and black, patent leather shoes. His white dress shirt, now creased and crumpled from the night events, hangs half-way buttoned allowing the cold air to creep in and encircle his body. Rising on his tip-toes, Gemini inhales the cold autumn air. Gooseflesh crawls across his skin, the air burns his lungs, and his head throbs as the sun pierces his eyelids from the edges of his glasses. He felt cold. He felt pain. Gemini felt alive.

A couple of young street toughs with orange-green, day-glow hair and black synthleather jackets eye Gemini, obviously a suit from the Elevated-Core looking for a good time. Nearly identical in appearance, non-descript Caucasian youths, the only difference is the nose ring pierced through the septum of the second youth. A picture of a bull being pulled by its nose ring instantly comes to mind and Gemini wonders if the tough needs to be “led around by the nose”; as the saying goes. They casually meander down the walk looking at Gemini sideways, pretending they interested in lady standing in the window of the parlor. A smile slowly spreads across Gemini’s new face as the two jackals creep in for the kill. Mentally accessing his reflex trigger, Gemini enables his Shiawase Combat Reflexes.

Gemini had been wired a little more than six months ago and was beginning to grow accustomed to the new cyberware. He slides into what the Street doc Quickstitch called ‘Cybernetic Spatial Awareness’. Gemini’s head swims as the transition into a wired state feels like his brain is detaching from his body and swimming in a vat of electrical signals. Gemini mentally slows his thoughts, preventing his impulses from taking control and acting before he has a chance to think. It took him two months to relearn how to use his own body. Even simply tasks such as picking up a ball had become wildly exaggerated when your body acts as fast as one thinks.

Transitioning to a wired state feels almost Zen-like to Gemini. He releases extraneous thoughts into the Aether and focuses on preparing for the next action. As a result, Gemini feels both relaxed and tense at the same time. This must be what it feels like to be a Street Samurai. Missing this transition, the two gangers fail to see the slight shudder roll down Gemini’s body. To Gemini, the world slows to a crawl. Gemini thought it was caused by the cyberware, but doc said this was known as Slow Motion Perception, known to occur to people in accidents or life threatening situations. The brain releases the focus on external events it normally uses to mark the passage of time and hyper-focuses on the events immediately around itself.

The first tough looks at his partner and tenses to spring on Gemini. His partner, Bull-nose, steps forward to grab Gemini from behind. With unnatural speed, Gemini steps forward out of the Bull-nose’s reach and easily ducks under the wide swing of the first tough. From somewhere under his Armani jacket, Gemini produces the pistol he has kept on him since the bug fight. Unceremoniously, Gemini smashes the pistol into the first youth’s head, followed by a second, more ferocious blow to the head. Bull-nose barely has enough time to watch his buddy slump to the ground grabbing his head before he realizes he’s staring down the barrel of chrome .45 Ares Predator. Behind the barrel, Gemini’s eyes dance with a strange temptation. Bull-nose thinks Gemini may be part of the Eagle, an off duty cop on the take with the mafia, daring him to make a move. He realizes almost too late that Gemini is deciding if he cares whether or not the youth lives. Bull-nose faints; falling on top of his still moaning companion. The last thought in head was the detached mirth twinkling behind a pair of ’7’s in his assailants eyes.

Lamb Chops


A Quiet Night at Home
Hanging with an old friend.

Gemini rips the data jack from his temple and throws it across the grungy table in Nitro’s squat. The last four days had been grueling. He takes a long quaff from the fifth of Jack Daniels sitting on the table. The bottle is half empty and Gemini holds his hand level to see how much it is shaking. Shaking both hands to relax, he mentally reviews the information he pulled off the matrix; Diesel is wanted by Eagle Security for killing one of their cops. This probably meant they were going to want to question him, which also means he may have to choose between Diesel and James.

“Damn it, Diesel.” Gemini kicks the rickety table, causing his newly acquired Tsurugi Cyberdeck to fall to the ground. Uncharacteristically, Gemini ignores the potential damage he may have done to the expensive piece of hardware and takes another swig from the bottle.

The door swings open revealing a rather grizzled dwarf with one obviously red cybereye. His disheveled hair an unkempt beard is a welcome sight to Gemini. Nitro, the owner of the flat that Gemini is squatting in, holds up two more fifths of whiskey.

“That was one helluva payday you got Gemmy. Nice of you to think of yer ol’ buddy Nitro to celebrate with.” Nitro eyes the cyberdeck on the floor. Gemini looked more haggard of late. Not the feisty little decker he’d met when he signed on to his bounty hunting crew.

“Diesel’s wanted by the five-oh. They’re probably gonna come ask you some questions. You tell them you haven’t seen me or Diesel.” Gemini drains the rest of the Jack and slouches down in his chair.

“What happened?” Nitro cracks open one of the bottles takes a swig and hands it over to Gemini. Nitro opens the second bottle and collapses onto a couch that looks as if it had been left outside for the better part of a year. Flipping open last night’s pizza box, Nitro shoos the roaches away and grabs a slice. Sitting back into the couch, he listens intently on Gemini’s story.

“Just a bad run, kareshi. We ran into trouble at a safehouse, then with another runner team; lost two teammates. We were just about done when we got pulled over by the five-oh…”

“Why do you call the Eagles, five-oh? I never understood that phrase,” Nitro interrupts as he is apt to do.

“Just something I picked up from an old trid. Most people don’t know what it means, which is the way I like it. Anyway, the five-oh was running my SIN and Diesel comes out of nowhere on his bike and kicks the cop. I peel off and apparently Diesel finishes him off. Unfortunately, standard procedure is to record any traffic stops and transmit it back to the precinct in real time. It prevents police indiscretion.” Gemini holds his fingers up in air-quotes to emphasize his sarcasm. “They probably have Diesel on optical and I don’t know if I can get into a five-oh system to erase the data.”

“Then what’re you going to do?” Both runners lift their bottles in unison and drink.

“I don’t think my fake SIN got burned. I’ll need a couple of days before I get my new credstick. I need to lay low for a few days and see if I can get into the system. My place is probably too hot. I just want to forget about it for a few hours.” Gemini retrieves the cyberdeck and places it gently back on the table. He examines the system for damages and brushes away imaginary scuff marks. The deck is flat black with silver highlights, custom modded case with a backlit display; Gemini almost regrets kicking the table.

“Don’t you have a friend in the eagle? That guy you grew up with.” Nitro grabs the remote, turns the trideo on, and starts flipping through the channels. He leans over, flicks a roach off another slice of pizza and wolfs it down.

“Yeah, I don’t know if he can help with this. And Diesel’s been pulling some serious drek lately. It’s like he wants to get caught. He creased two gangers point-blank, execution style and he didn’t even flinch. The shadows are getting to him man.” Gemini tries to think about what to do next, but the attempt burns like dumpshock. “I’m going to shutdown for a few hours; don’t tell anyone I’m here.”

“You already said than man.” Nitro notices that Gemini takes his bottle and deck with him as he stumbles to the room in the back.

“I mean anyone. Not Diesel, not the five-oh, I don’t care if it a nova-hot simsense star. They’re glitches anyways.” Gemini starts laughing uncontrollably. Nitro fails to see the humor in Gemini’s joke and starts watching Andrea McBain, Bounty Hunter.

Euphoria Summarized
Current Summary

The current events of the Euphoria job are as follows:

(Note: the description of some legwork has been omitted from the summary as that would entail a more detailed rendition of events, which is not the intent of this posting….)

The team kidnapped Euphoria from the Great Lakes Tower in the early hours of Friday morning, October 3rd, 2053. A short time later the team gets into a fire fight with the Meat Street Brawlers. They suffer injuries to Mal, Diesel and they lose Mono as a KIA. Mal spends the remainder of Friday at a Street Doc and rejoins the team by noon on Saturday the 4th.

Meanwhile, the team secures a hide-away in the main honeymoon suite at Jed’s Honeymoon and Anniversary Inn. This inn is s sprawling, dirty, ramshackle compound which looks like it was built by some survivalist. However, in truth, it was just a compound of connected structures which, for years, has taken, advantage of poor zoning codes. It was, and, is a low-lifestyle dump. The Team was able to take refuge there for there rest of Friday and into Saturday afternoon.

They were even able to interact with Euphoria, who turned, actually to be a bitchy Simsense elitist. The team attempted to con her into thinking they were working with her security, in light of all that happened and she treated them less then poorly.

When she requested Amber Gel, Gemini when out and procured some. Manu, then, seemed to have a strange reaction to Euphoria as she was trying to eat the gel. He even complained of getting an insect bite from…the gel. Logan left the Inn and met with 53 Chrome at the Royal Towers, apartment 812 A, in order to receive their first payment.

Logan returned to the team after securing the payment at a local bank.

Shortly thereafter, the team was hit by what appeared to be a professional shadowrunning team as a materialized spirit erupted out of the bathroom just as Mal was going to use the facilities. Combat ensued and then an ork and a troll, entered through both the front and read exits of the suite and engaged in combat. Manu took out the spirit but lost his life to a grenade thrown by the ork.

In the end, Gemini, with a now unconscious (due to a ruffie) Euphoria was able to escape via a window. Logan, Diesel and mal were also able to escape the suite with some injuries.

Later, by Sunday afternoon, the team (after Mal and Diesel spent time again, individually, at their Street Docs) reunited over at Gemini’s warehouse and planned their next moves.

They decided that since Euphoria’s last engagement was due to start soon the best option was for them to stay mobile. Therefore, they secured Euphoria and loaded up in a “requisitioned” Ford Americar with Mal and Diesel on their bikes.

Somewhere near Gary, Indiana, Gemini, with Euphoria and Logan were stopped due to no current registration on the Ford. Diesel intervened and rammed the police officer who stopped the car with his bike and then proceeded to get into gun fight with him. The officer misjudged and backed up into on-coming traffic and was fatally hit by a turnip truck carrying produce bound for various markets.

Later, as the team heads back into Chicago. Diesel is picked up for questioning but is released after providing a DNA sample.

With the help of Logan’s smuggler contact, Euphoria is later released near the Great Lakes Towers and the team, all receives payment from 53 Chrome.

Just after midnight, on Monday the 6th of October, Gemini does some poking around about the traffic incident and finds out that an APB has actually be put out for Diesel and now the UCAS FBI, Eagle Security and law enforcement entities from the state of Indian are involved.

The Inner Storm

Diesel awoke and found himself in a weird place. Diesel had many times before awoken in strange places but this morning was different. Gemini had nudged him and told him that his shift on watch was about to begin. Diesel sat up and looked around. It was Saturday morning the 4th of October and for the last 24hrs or so the team had been holed up in a weird place. It was a cheap and dirty fuck place called Jed’s Honeymoon and Anniversary Inn. That damned Manu had found it.
‘Of course, he did’, Diesel thought to himself wonder what kind of beasts Manu must have brought here when he was fat.
Well, Diesel was no stranger to waking up in dirty inns and hotels, but he had been taken aback at the opulence of the interior of suite 412B, which is where he and the team, to include the super-simstim star, Euphoria, were currently holed up.
‘God Damn, was she hot’, he remembered remarking when he first had seen her in the meat. Euphoria was known to have not had any cosmetic augmentations to enhance her beauty. She didn’t need any.

The team had been hired to abscond Euphoria away from her hotel and, while keeping her safe, was to ensure that she miss a number of scheduled appearances in which she was supposed to help promote some sort of food product or additive. And this they did. And apart from Diesel bleeding a bit, it was a lot easier than he had expected. But after that was when it began to get weird. The fight at the warehouse ‘owned’ by Gemini was much harder.

‘Fuckin’ weird’, Diesel thought again to himself as he stood up and surveyed the suite. It looked almost as ritzy as that of Euphoria’s penthouse in the Great Lakes Tower that they had kidnapped her from. Yet, the main room of the suite was now cluttered with gear, armor, and guns, lots of guns, and booze, lots of booze, some of it was even the real stuff. Which of course, Diesel appreciated.

Manu was crashed in large chair beside the bed in which Euphoria was in. Gemini was not he couch and was just settling in to get some sleep after his watch. Party Boi had taken a lot of damage in the fight after they had fled the hotel and was with Doc Sarkasian in the Westside. The team had just gotten to the warehouse that Gemini wanted the team to hole up in. But it seemed that a squatting gang had taken offense to being barged in on by a bunch of ’runners in a party bus with a very loud sound system. Then Party Boi got hit in the chest with a burst of gunfire and the new dude named Mono get messed up and died fighting some strange snake spirit. Diesel shook his head.

‘Fuckin’ weird’….

He grabbed for his shotgun and headed to the bathroom. In the bathroom adored with little shellfish shaped soap, he revisited the warehouse fight in his mind and it was evident that was where the his inner turmoil originated. Something had been eating at his conscious the past twenty-four plus hours.
‘Did we really need to cruise up to the front gate with the music blaring’?, he questioned as he relieved himself.
‘Did I really need to off those two gangers, after we had won and run the rest of them away’?

A few minutes later Diesel was ensconced in a chair facing the main entrance of the suite, shotgun in his lap. He was alert and starting his watch as the others slept. But even being alert, his mind returned to the what happened after they had defeated the Meat Street Brawlers. He had been in many fights before, and had even killed on numerous times. He didn’t shy away from that part of the job, and this was, in fact, the inner-conflict that was eating at him. Those guys weren’t the job, and even though he had fought in defense of his team as they were trying to secure a safe place to hide out, what transpired after that now seemed unsettling to him.

‘Put that behind you, man’, he thought to himself as he reached over for the bottle of cheap rice-wine flavored synthahol.

‘We ain’t through this yet…..’

We have Euphoria

It was all over rather quickly. The team, led by, Logan had actually managed to to steal the simstar Euphoria away from her 5-star hotel and, more, importantly, her security detail. It was o’dark-thirty and team, with Euphoria, was on the road fleeing the scene in Mal’s rented party bus. The bus was linked to Mal’s , now burnt, fake SIN so Eagle Security, Knight Errant, and whomever else was going to be investigating Euphoria’s kidnapping would meet a likely dead end when researching the getaway vehicle.

In fact to Logan, the night seemed, a blur. They went in and did it…got Euphoria, tangled with security and Euphoria’s two body guards, and were now heading to Gemini’s place, a warehouse or something like that where they would be able to wait out Euphoria’s scheduled appearances in relative safety and, more importantly, secrecy. However, looking back on it, Logan did realize that pulling jobs in triple A secure locations did pose problems not fully expected. There were the MAD detectors, cyberware scanners, olfactory scanners, fast High Threat Response Team times, more routine SIN checks (like the one that resulted in Mal’s SIN having to get burnt). All these things, when not, considered, could derail a job in no time at all.

So, all-in-all, Logan had pondered, not a bad night though, nobody on the team died and even though a couple of sec goons did, blood shed was limited and things did not turn into a blood bath. If we can hold her till after her last scheduled appearance, we should all be ¥50,000 richer……Logan thought as he looked out the windows of the party bus.

53 Chrome
53 Chrome

¿Quiénes son estos maricones? Casi en mal esto. The razorguy hired for additional protection wondered in Spanish. He was bilingual in English and Spanish and not from Chicago. But he had burned some bridges far to the south and had to spend the last year in places where it snowed. He did not like snow.

His coarse wonderment was directed at a strange team of ‘runners who was here to meet the guy who hired him for protection. _ Here_ meant that he was with this strange ’team at the head of a fucked up pier located amongst some of the more disreputable and dangerous areas the docks within the Port of Chicago / Calumet Harbor. This pier, called “Pier 16” is a scorched concrete block pier located at the back of the Calumet harbor. A road ran alongside the pier, stretching down the dock area. Across the street were several warehouses in various stages of disrepair. Most are empty near Pier 16, but those further along the road house squatters, gang hideouts, or illegal goods. Few ships use Pier 16, as it is a hold over from last century where neither the municipal authorities nor corporate entities bothered to invest in several of the pier structures in the far back area of the harbor, and so the pier is, mostly, deserted by nightfall daily. Eagle Security doesn’t even bother to patrol here as the mafia families tend to use their political muscle in an effort to “encourage” Eagle security to overlook at least part of the harbor. Good place for a clandestine meeting with a focus on the clandestine part, he thought.

About five minutes ago the razorguy had encountered one of the more surly members of the prospective team the Johnson, i.e., the guy who had hired him. The razorguy had told the surly dwarf that the Johnson wanted the whole team present for the meet. That guy was super paranoid, the razorguy quickly mused as he scanned the area in front of him. His bosses night blue SK-Bentley Concordat with opaque, tinted windows was parked a few meters in from tot the razorguy’s idling Harley Scorpion. Mr. Johnson, standing near his body guard, who seemed to be a corporate heavy, was in negotiations with the strange team. Strange, or more likely, a bunch of noobs, although the surly dwarf seemed to the razorguy as one who could back up his asshole attitude. That and he seemed to be a fucking spell slinger……

But come on….They brought a fucking party bus to shit-hole area like this. They must be dumb. He thought incredulously. The razorguy almost impercetibly shook his head when he realized that the team took the job. They better do this right as a Euphoria is a big star, he thought to himself just as he hears Mr. Johnson say to them,
“Do the job well, and everything will run smoothly. Remember, no harm to the girl.”
The razorguy watched as his Mr. Johnson turned and walked back to the Concordat. A moment later his chauffeur closed the door behind Johnson, then walked around to the other side and got in. The blue Concordat pulled away, and in a few seconds become one with the night.

My turn again. “Good luck, Vatos. If you need to contact us, my wrist number is 867-5309 and my handle is Five Three Chrome.”

Five Three Chrome gripped the handlebars and his bike roared to life. Well, at least I am getting paid for this….

The team regarded as strange by Five Three Chrome was left to themselves with nothing but the wind and, incidentally, the sounds of Euphoria’s hit song “Don’t bug me, boy” blaring from the sound system of the party bus……

An Occurrence at Pier 16
Pier 16

It was near midnight on Tuesday, the 23rd of September, 2053. Logan’s team, well actually, a team of bounty hunters working for Brownshirts Bail Bonds had located two shadowrunners’ who had run afoul of bad reputations due to serveral very dirty ‘runs gone south. A Razorguy named Sampson and a Wiz Mage who went by the name of Sheik Ya Booti had taken refuge on a decrepit pier set far back on the north end of the Port of Chicago / Calumet Harbor. These two individuals each had a ¥30,000 bounty on them for crimes and activities which had gotten to Eagle Security’s attention. The Chicago Syndicate had long pulled political muscle in order to keep this end of the Port of Chicago relatively free from Eagle Security patrols. Therefore, this is where the team working under the guise of Logan’s Brownshirts Bail Bonds could pick up a cool ¥60,000 plus confiscated loot after several days of tracking the aforementioned marks.

Gemini returned after after his hiatus and assisted Logan, Diesel, Manu Manu and a new guy named Mal. He was surprised to see how much weight Manu had lost and was also saddened to hear about the loss of Sam but understood that biz is biz in the Shadows and nobody truly gets a break for too long.

The night concluded with both marks surrendering after a gun battle where Diesel traded shots with Sampson and that Manu throwing down some spells on Sheik Ya Booti. Both Logan and Gemini were able to affect a perceived double-cross where the mark’s hired thugs shot at the Yakuza relief boat that intended to actually help Sampson and Booti escape. Mal shot thug in the face and tossed a flash bang to Diesel like a Major League pitcher. To top all that, the highly polluted waters of Calumet Harbor were set alight from a misplaced fireball cast by Manu who really can be called the Slender.

By day break, Brownshirts Bail Bonds had the bounty, and Logan and crew were ready to start enjoying some rest and relaxation.


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