XKM69 Juicer

Juicer Chainsaw


The venerable Ares company manufactures this cyberarm only weapon around an enlarged JuiceRipp frame. The weapon consists of a high-speed chainsaw with replaceable ferro-cermaic teeth installed on the back of the forearm and extending from a slot on the back of the wrist. An optional exhaust port can be installed in the elbow, with a ripcord placed near the wrist for retro industrial chic.
Victorinox SmartStel Technology makes hiding this beauty almost instantaneous. When not in use, the chain detaches and reforms into the upper arm, and the blade melds back into the forearm.
>>ChainRipp!? Oh yeah, just go right ahead and advertise the fact that you’re a raving looney who doesn’t care about splattering blood all over twenty witnesses who can positively ID you. << —Bishop (04:20:03/03-15-53)

>>…But… it’s so cool… << —NinjaCat (04:21:26/03-15-53)

>>Give me some sugar baby. << —Ash (12:13:31/06-02-53



XKM69 Juicer

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