Fender Stratocaster

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Jimi Hendrix set his on fire. Buddy Holly made it swing. Stevie Ray Vaughn made it snarl. Jet Black made it wail.

Some of the most legendary guitarists in music history have elicited unforgettable sounds from the Fender Stratocaster, the distinctive double-cutaway guitar born in a small Fullerton, Calif., workshop 100 years ago.

The object of the teams contract in the Denver Pickup, a Fender Stratocaster is worth a few hundred thousand nuyen depending on who used it. Highly prized in the music industry, any artist would have his image enhanced with a legendary Fender. Can the team find the guitar, or fall victim to the shadows of Denver?


“I heard a team tried to hit Highstar Inc for this. Man that place is a Knox. They host some of the biggest names when they come to Denver.”
- Music Man Sam

“I wonder if Highstar got the Strat for The Shadows concert or the Maria Mercurial concert. Perhaps a peace offering for the media conflict with Caravan’s entertainers.”
- Toxic Meytal

“Another team managed to get that Stratocaster. Anyone know whose it was?”
- Electopunk

Fender Stratocaster

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