Ares Faraday Duffle Bag

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Ares Faraday Bag
Item Avail cost
Ares Faraday Duffel Bag Legal ¥200

The Ares Faraday Duffel Bag isolates multiple devices at the same time from wireless networks. Forensic Investigators no longer need to guess which devices to protect in a faraday bag, or whether a faraday bag is strong enough to shield a device near a cell tower. The duffel bag ensures that cell phones, tablets, laptops, and GPS units remain isolated from cell, Wifi, and Bluetooth networks when devices are placed inside, either loosely or inside of other Ares Faraday Bags.

With their devices contained in the bag, operatives, agents, and executives can avoid hacking or intrusion in risky environments or overseas.


Ares Faraday Duffle Bag

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