AMT HardBaller

King of the Streets

weapon (ranged)
AMT Hardballer
Type ACC DMG AP Mode RC Ammo Avail cost
Heavy Pistol 5 8P –2 SA 14 ( c ) 8R 600¥

In a press conference yesterday, American Manufacturing has announced that the AMT .44 Automag will be offered in mass production for law enforcement and security personnel as early as mid-November. Much to industry surprise, American Manufacturing has secured an agreement with Remington and Winchester to mass produce the .44 AMP round which previously prevented the Automag from becoming a popular weapon in the industry.

American Manufacturing also stated that it has already made several shipments to Lone Star facilities around the world. This news comes just weeks after Ares announced that it would be on schedule for release of their new heavy pistols, the Ares Predator Primus and the Ares Predator Maximus which is due to ship early next year.

The Ares CEO was quoted as saying, “American [Manufacturing] makes a fine gun and the Automag has also been a superior quality weapon, albeit never mass produced. American must do what is necessary to recover from the slump they have been in for the last few years. We don’t believe this will have any effect on the sales of our new products.”

AMT HardBaller

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