Tee Hee

Corporate Decker

Age: 28 Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 52 kg Hair: Blue
Eyes: Brown Gender: Male
Metatype: Human Awakened: no
Connection: 2 Loyalty: 0
Contact: None Demeanor: Naive
Hangout(s): Global Technologies Knowledge: Matrix Hangout, Matrix Protocol, Matrix Safe Houses
Services: Anything Matrix

Tee Hee was considered the best and brightest of the graduating class of the University of Chicago in 2048. An inspired decker, he was highly recruited by all the major corporations. Despite several outstanding offers, he signed with Global Technologies after a single office visit.

Tee Hee seems happy with his position at Global, although no one knows why. He was the driving force behind the Colt L36 Mark VII chip, despite his youth and corporate inexperience. Global expects nothing but Miracles from the young man in the future.

Tee Hee shaves the sides of his head and wears his remaining hair in a neon blue Mohawk. His wardrobe changes weekly, neo-hunnish on time, subdued Amerindian the next. His style is often eclectic mixing expensive accessories with odd bits of junk. He constantly appears in a daze, with glassy eyes and a slack grin. Only when talking about computers does he become animated.

When running the matrix, Tee Hee’s gaze and grin become even more pronounced. His fingers fly across the keyboard as he rocks back and forth to some unheard rhythm. His street name comes from his near constant giggle that accompanies his Matrix runs. Despite the two years spent at Global, Tee hee remains rather naïve about the inner workings of corporations. He knows volumes of facts on various companies, but he is unable to translate these facts into anything useful.

If loyal to anything, Tee Hee is loyal to the Matrix and computers in general. He has no feelings pas that. Any feelings towards people or the company are simply an extension of their ability to use the Matrix or keep his interest.

Tee Hee

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