Nova Hot Simsense Star


Amanda Lockhart was a famous simsense star with the stage name of Euphoria .

Known Works:
  • Shotgun Blues ( 2048 )
  • Final Fling (2049)
  • Against the Hive-Master ( 2050 )
  • Against the Current (2051)

Amanda Lockhart is the daughter of two trideo stars. Her parents were actors when broadcasting was still television and they continued with the advent of trideo. Coming from such a background, it was only natural for Amanda to follow her family’s path. Encouraged by her parents, she became a child trideo actor. When simsense became popular, her parents were quick to push her in that direction, firmly believing in the future of entertainment technology.

Amanda’s first jobs were as extras in simsense productions. Her big break came when she changed from her parents’ agent to her current agent, Robert Carrone, who specialized in simstars. With the stage name of Euphoria, Amanda made a series of low-budget sims with rather erotic themes. The sims estranged her parents, but catapulted her to stardom. Since then, Euphoria has made six full-budget sims, teaming up with male star Hans Vandenburg on four of them. Her next sim, Jungle Huntress, was to go into production on location in the Aztlan jungles but was cancelled due to her altered state.

Euphoria is blessed with beauty. She is dazzling without surgery or even make-up. She prefers her hair color to be light brown though it’s been any number of colors during her career. Her eyes are brown and still the original organic models.

Though she is twenty-one years old, Euphoria is still a little girl. She can be very arrogant at times, having been spoiled by the benefits of her position. Her circle of close associates are used to her, but those beyond the inner circle have difficulty getting along with her.

Euphoria is something of a recluse. She has not learned how to cope with fans who idolize her and yet sometimes want to tear her to pieces.


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