Paranoid Fixer


Noggin is almost an anonymous identity, tied to a very good street rep. Noggin presents himself/herself/itself as an entity on the matrix who exists as a fixer. Noggin is known for fixing several high profile and high risk jobs for Johnsons in need of assets with special skill sets.

Word on the streets of Chicago is that Noggin is actually a female, and a rather young one at that, though none can positively attest to this. The current rumor is that Noggin is a very attractive female who hails from out west, perhaps from even from Seattle. It is assumed that she human and stands no more than 167.64 cm in height and masses no more than 54.4311 kg, though this is speculation. Her hair color and eye color are unknown to those who keep tabs on personalities of the shadows.


Noggin, as an entity in the shadowrunning community, is inherently paranoid. However, her street cred is solid as there appears to be a balance in relation to that paranoia which is maintained by her incredible attention to detail, and a solid street rep based upon an unwavering integrity to keep her word once it is given. These qualities endear her to those Johnsons and ‘runners who value the concept of ‘honor among thieves’ as it exists within the 6th World Shadows.

As not much at all is known on the streets about the individual behind the persona of Noggin, his/her/its loyalties are unknown. However, due to Noggin’s meticulous attention to detail and adherence to the spoken word bond once given, it is assumed, then, that Noggin follows a code of conduct and, thus, is loyal to the strictures therein.


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