Age: 28 Height: 1.93 m
Weight: 108 kg Hair: multi
Eyes: Brown Gender: Male
Metatype: Ork Awakened: no
Connection: 2 Loyalty: 1
Contact: Gemini Demeanor: Overconfident
Hangout(s): Bloodtown Knowledge: Gangs, Drugs, Safe Houses
Services: Thug work

Phillip “Moochi” Yamauchi
Ganger from Windy City Ragers

Phillip is a ganger. He hails from Bloodtown.

Phillip, or rather, “Moochi” is an ork who stands 193.04 cm (6’4”) in height. He masses about 108.862 kg (240 lb.) and wears his multicolored hair short and spiky. Moochi has numerous tattoos and some cyberware.

Moochi is a ganger and has lived a rough life. He wants to get as far away from the trials and tribulations of Bloodtown as quickly as he can, which is one reason he became a ganger. However, he has recently been exposed to the shadowrunning and has now been thinking of life, such as it is, beyond gang-banging.

Moochi is loyal to his kind within Bloodtown and his gang, of which there are not too many left. The gang’s turf is one side of Bloodtown proper and the gang ranges outside its turf and engages in petty crime and minor burglary to fund its activities.

Gemini hired Moochi for a job against another gang. Moochi was the only surviving ganger and made out with his cohorts share of the nuyen. He has decided Gemini is a lucrative contact. He only knows Gemini by his runner name.


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