James Simica

Eagle Security Homicide Detective

NAME: James Simica CATEGORY : Eagle Security Detective LIFESTYLE : Middle
METATYPE: Human AGE: 31 Connection: 3
Height: 1.93 m Weight: 99.79 kg Loyalty: 4
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Sex: Male
Birth Name: James Creighton Simica SIN: UCAS421180001-92/04A Date of Birth : May 1st, 2018
Awakened: No Demeanor: disheartened
Physical Limit: 6 Mental Limit: 6 Social Limit: 5
Physical: 10 Stun: 9 Overflow: 4
Physical Attribute Mental Attributes Special Attributes Derived Attributes
Body: 4 Charisma: 3 Edge: 3 Composure: 7
Agility: 4 Intuition: 5 Essence: 4.4 Judge Intentions: 8
Reaction: 3(4) Logic: 4 Initiative: 2d6+9 Lifting / Carrying: 8
Strength: 4 Willpower: 3 Memory: 7
Toughness Datajack
Mild Addiction to Alcohol Rating 4 Orthoskin
SINNER (Corporate SIN) Rating 1 Synaptic Booster
Skill Dice Rank Att Special
Clubs (+2 Batons) 10+2 6 Agi
Computer 6 2 Log
Con 8 5 Cha
Etiquette (+2 Street) 6+2 3 Cha
Gymnastics 6 2 Agi
Intimidation 7 4 Cha
Leadership 8 5 Cha
Longarms 10 6 Agi
Perception 12 7 Int
Pistols (+2 Revolvers) 10+2 6 Agi
Running 8 4 Str
Sneaking 8 4 Agi
Throwing Weapons 6 2 Agi
Tracking 7 2 Int
Unarmed Combat 10 6 Agi
Crime Syndicates 12 7 Int
Illegal Goods 11 6 Int
Law Enforcement 11 7 Log
Police Procedures 11 7 Log
Forensics 6 2 Log
Psychology 8 4 Log
Sociology 8 4 Log
Street Rumors 7 2 Int
Chicago Gangs 8 3 Int
Sprawl Life 6 1 Int
Street Drugs 9 4 Int
English N
Spanish 7 2 Int

Armor Vest, Clothing, Concealable Holster, Gold Credstick with ¥30,000 registered to an Eagle Security Corporate SIN, 3 Certified Credsticks each with ¥5,000, Ruger Super Warhawk, Stun Baton, 2 Sets of Metal Restraints, Ford Americar

Ruger Super Warhawk 5 9P -2 SA 6 (cy)
Weapon ACC REACH Damage AP
Unarmed Physical 5S
Stun Baton 4 1 9S(e) -5

James Creighton Simica is a hardboiled homicide detective who works for Eagle Security in Chicago. He is a 10 year veteran in law enforcement and started out as a lowly beat cop before rising up the ranks and becoming a de-tective.

Detective Simica is a human who stands 1.93 m (6’4”) in height. He masses about 99.79 kilos (220 lb.) and wears his brown hair short or very close cropped in the style of those in law enforcement or the military. Detective Simica has brown eyes and wears clothing typical of plainclothes police, i.e., not very stylish. However, he can fit in to most social settings with the proper attire when the job calls for it.

Detective Simica is a depressed man -having seen too much death on the streets of Chicago and too much politics on the job. He has had a hard life and sometimes finds himself in situations where he drinks alcoholic beverages to excess.

Detective Simica is loyal to the people of Chicago. He attempts to right wrongs but understands that he sometimes must cross ethical lines to do in order to keep up with the city’s massive criminal element -that being the Chicago Outfit.

Detective Simica met Gemini after his partner was killed in a raid. Gemini, who was still going by Kevin at the time, had just been fired by Mitsuhama. The two drowned their sorrows and became good drinking buddies. Over the years the two became good friends and Simica saw Kevin slide slowly into a more destructive lifestyle. After several years of disillusion, James reached the breaking point when his sister was being prosecution for drug use, aggravated assault, and possible manslaughter. Turning to Kevin, Gemini falsified documents on the matrix and smuggled James’ sister to Seattle through his Yakuza contacts. Since then Simica has turned a blind eye to Gemini’s activities. The two are still good friends and go out drinking to debate the problems of Chicago.

James Simica

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