Homatsu Jinjiro

Yakuza Oyabun in Denver

Age: ?? Height: ?? m
Weight: ?? kg Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown Gender: Male
Metatype: Human Awakened: no
Connection: 6 Loyalty: 1
Contact: Gemini Demeanor: Traditional Conservative
Hangout(s): Personal Mansion Knowledge: ??
Services: Underworld Services

Homatsu Musashi Jinjiro is the only surviving son of a Seattle yakuza syndicate that was known as the Sword Water Clan. This syndicate merged with Seattle’s stronger Nishidon-gumi in 2048 after the death of the elder Homatsu Jinjiro. Jinjiro the younger survived a purge within the Nishidon-gumi and fled east into to the heartland of North America. By 2051, he had ensconced himself as the leader of a new yakuza syndicate, named the Ken Mizu-kai, or Sword Water Association, in honor of his late father’s syndicate in Seattle. The Sword Water Association was originally began in the Aztlan sector of Denver’s Front Range Free Zone, however, during following year, in 2052, Jinjiro had opened up operations within the UCAS sector as well. By the summer of 2053, Jinjiro has carved enough room within the Front Range Free Zone to exist as a junior entity to both the Naito-gumi and the Yamato-gumi. So far, Jinjiro has been able to navigate Denver’s underworld well enough to exist as Denver’s third yakuza criminal organization.

Homatsu Musashi Jinjiro is muscular Japanese American who holds a UCAS SIN. Jinjiro is in his early 30s and favors trendy business attire. He wears his dark hair slicked back and impeccably trimmed. He sports an equally trimmed and fashionable mustache and goatee. He is monitored on several local and national crime watch lists, though he has not been implicated an any activities that would generate a warrant for his arrest. Despite this, he affects the demeanor and patterns-of-life of a legitimate businessman with connections to several food markets and grocery stories which serve an Asian / Japanese clientele. It is rumored that he has been extensively inked by a traditional horishi but covers any ink up with his fashionable business attire.

Jinjiro’s mannerisms are quite traditional and conservative. He realizes that his place within the yakuza world can be quite tenuous, especially after being forced to relocate away from Seattle, and therefore, he has created his kai, or criminal association, to be centered around making money and accumulating the most amount of power, in the shortest amount of time -not recklessly, though. Hence, with him, money talks, but he has not forgotten his conservative exposure. Consequently, he understands and applies the concepts of Jingi, Giri, Ninjo and, of course, Irezumi, or tattooing in his personal conduct and in the conduct of his Ken Mizu-Kai organization.

Jinjiro is loyal to both the nuyen and to the above mentioned yakuza social strictures and practices which provide his criminal subculture a sense of direction and structure

Homatsu Jinjiro

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