Decker with a Dual Footprint

NAME: Gemini Archtype : Decker LIFESTYLE : Medium
Height: 1.84m Weight: 84kg CURRENT KARMA : 13
Hair: Black Eyes: Lavender Sex: Male
Birth Name: Kevin Akihito Tsujihara SIN: UCAS-4BCE-B3FC-D785EF8F8ACA Date of Birth : May 13th, 2027
Physical Limit: 6 (7) Mental Limit: 9 Social Limit: 4
Physical: 10 Stun: 10 Overflow: 4
Physical Attribute Mental Attributes Special Attributes Derived Attributes
Body: 4 Charisma: 3 Edge: 4 Composure: 8
Agility: 5 Intuition: 4 Essence: 1.7 Judge Intentions: 9
Reaction: 4 Logic: 6 (9) Initiative: 3d6+10 Lifting / Carrying: 8
Strength: 4 Willpower: 3 Memory: 8
Ambidexterity 4 Chipjack 0.4
Analytical Mind 5 Datajack 0.2
Bilingual 5 Cybereyes 0.2
Blandness 8 *Display Link -
* Flare Compensation -
Mild Addiction to BTL 4 *Lowlight -
Mild Allergy to soy 10 Wired Reflexes 2 (beta) 2.1
National SIN (UCAS) 5 Enhanced Articulaion 0.3
Black Shakes 7 Cyberarm, Right, Delta 0.5
Disfigured (-1 Social Pool) - Cerebral Booster 3 0.6
The Upright Man (Fixer) 5/2 Jimmy Vale (Bond Bailsman) 2/1
Noggin (Fixer) 3/2 Maeve O’Callaghan (Club Habitué) 1/1
Tini Biggs (Fixer) 4/1 Malcolm (Street Kid) 2/1
Blackhand (Arms Dealer) 7/1 Marsha Pulowski (Corporate Wage Slave) 1/1
James Simica (Detective) 3/4 Flax (Amateur Entertainment Blogger) 2/4
Homatsu Jinjiro (Yakuza Oyabun) 6/1 Charlie (Squatter) 1/1
Patrick “Red Eye” Delaney (Mob Soldier) 2/1 Moochi (Ganger) 2/1
Will Malory (Snitch) 1/1 Golgotha (Club Owner ?/1
Skill Dice Rank Att Special
Armorer 10 1 Log 9
Automatics 8 2 Agi 5
Gymnastics 10 4 Agi 5
First Aid 10 1 Log 9
Pistols (Semi Automatics) 10(12) 4(6) Agi 5 Specialized
Clubs 8 2 Agi 5
Stealth Group 1
* Disguise 5 1 Int 4
* Palming 7 1 Agi 1
* Sneaking 7 1 Agi 1
Forgery 11 2 Log 9
Locksmith 8 2 Agi 5
Pilot Ground 7 2 Rea 4
Electronics Group 4
* Computers 13 4 Log 9
* Hardware 13 4 Log 9
* Software 13 4 Log 9
Cybercombat 12 3 Log 9
Hacking (exploit) 16 5(7) Log 9 Specialized
Perception 8 4 Int 4
Influence Group 1
* Etiquette 4 1 Cha 3
* Leadership 4 1 Cha 3
* Negotiation 4 1 Cha 3
Con 5 2 Cha 3
Skill Dice Rank Att Special
Japanese N N Int 4 Language
English N N Int 4 Language
Spethriel 6 2 Int 4 Language
Skill Dice Rank Att Special
Corporate Knowledge (Mitsuhama) 10 1 Log 9 Professional
Data Havens 5 1 Int 4 Street
Drugs 5 1 Int 4 Street
Fences 5 1 Int 4 Street
Gangs 6 2 Int 4 Street
Gun shops 5 1 Int 4 Interest
Law Enforcement Procedures 11 2 Log 9 Professional
Matrix Cafes 5 1 Int 4 Interest
Matrix Security Procedures 10 1 Log 9 Professional
Operating Systems 5 1 Int 4 Interest
Safe Houses 6 2 Int 4 Street
UCAS Law 10 1 Log 9 Professional
Weapon Maintenance 10 1 Log 9 Professional
Gemini is the shadow incarnation of a former employee of Mitsuhama Computer technologies. Gemini is a quasi-legal bounty hunter who also runs the shadows. His listed specialties are decking and combat.
>>>Did you guys hear? Gems blew himself up for his team.
—Protoholic (2054-05-17T21:14:23-05:00)
>>>I guess that’s on less decker for the cause
—Rager-X (2054-05-18T02:26:16-05:00)
>>>No wayz Rager, word is he still gotz a pulse
—dmesg (2054-05-18T05:13:29-05:00)

License for Colt Manhunter


Kevin Akihito Tsujihara was born in Seattle on May 13th, 2027 to a family which ran a profitable fish market and sea food import business in the Seattle Metroplex. Kevin’s father, Akira Tsujihara, was a Shategashira for the Shigeda-gumi, one of Seattle’s yakuza organizations and as such was a prominent figure in Seattle’s underworld of 2020’s and 2030’s. Akira embraced a criminal philosophy which was less conservative than that of his peers and married Sarah Ellen Callahan, Seattle native of caucasian (Scotch-Irish, to be precise) decent. This union brought forth Kevin and four other siblings. In fact, of Akira and Sarah’s children three were triplets, of which Kevin was one, and the other two born several years prior were fraternal twins. However, during the later stages of Sarah’s pregnancy she began to show signs of goblinization. Akira attempted to keep this secret but on the day of Kevin’s birth tragedy struck and Sarah died in childbirth due to complications of the goblinization. Kevin and one of his brothers were retrieved without harm after emergency C-Section but the third triplet died in the process, or so the medical team thought. The tiny third son of Akira Tsujihara almost impossibly was found with a heartbeat as the infant was being processed as a victim of infant mortality in the morgue of the private hospital in he Downtown District of the Seattle Metroplex. The authorities reported this to Akira’s entourage but one of them, of a more conservative and superstitious bent, paid the hospital to declare the infant dead and dispose of it in whatever manner they saw fit as long as the issue of the infant was a non-issue for the Shigeda-gumi. Rumor has it that the infant was left at a homeless shelter one night. Therefore, Kevin grew up thinking that he was born a twin to his brother Jason. He still thinks that to this day.

Kevin group up in a household beset by bitterness and strife. His father’s fortunes with the fish market and import business suffered as did his reputation within the yakuza. Kevin’s home life hit the breaking point when his older siblings Thomas and Hiroe, the fraternal twins, both goblinized during their thirteenth year of life. This event pushed Akira over the edge and he, with the blessing of the Shigeda-gumi’s hierarchy, gave them, along with Kevin and his twin Jason, over to Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, i.e, MCT. MCT’s research and development programs were rumored to be notorious for employing lines of study which utilize children, especially those of non-Homo Sapiens Sapiens genetic stock. By 2037, Kevin and his three siblings were the property of Mitsuhama North America and a year later Akira was killed in a mafia hit. Some say that he succeeded at suicide by provoking some wise-guys at a downtown restaurant.

Kevin and his siblings remained in Seattle as research subjects for five years. Hiroe did not respond well her predicament and was rejected by MCT and committed to metal hospital in Auburn. Kevin soon lost track of her and to this day has no idea of whether she is alive or not. Funding for the various programs to which the remaining siblings were associated was redirected and in the summer of 2042 they were relocated to Chicago where Kevin and Jason were to continue their secondary level corporate education as future employees of MCT and its Chicago subsidiaries. They were given over to corporate foster families living within the Downtown Core of the the city. Their brother, Thomas, now a fully mature ork was separated from MCT, given a paltry ‘severance’ and has exiled into the city after being granted a UCAS SIN. His last known whereabouts was Bloodtown. Yet, in spite of this both Kevin and Jason seemed to, at least, have a measure of stability as they were being groomed for their future lives as salarymen for MCT. In their seventeenth year, in 2044, tragedy struck when Jason was killed in random mafia violence. The Chicago mafia had been increasingly hostile to all Asian influence within the city in an attempt to keep the yakuza influence to a minimum. Jason was a victim of the mafia’s ongoing attempts. It was Jason’s death that caused Kevin begin a slow downward spiral into bitterness. However, Kevin did manage to keep up the semblance of being a happy future corporate asset and graduated the next year from the MCT run secondary education program. Kevin then went into immediate employment in commodities trading with an MCT affiliate.

Kevin lived life, fast and loose, as a salaryman. He was not the archetypical employee who shed tears when the corporate anthem was played. He went to work, worked hard, and then after hours began to explore the opulent nightlife of Chicago’s Downtown Core. He soon became a facet within the nightclub circuit. Kevin experienced fast affairs and hot dates with the daughters of many of the powerful corporate elite of a number of top tier business entities. A year later, Kevin met, Daphne Marie Hausenhammer of the Chicago Hausenhammer fortune. It was an illicit but happy love affair. The Hausenhammer’s would never accept an Asian, of course. Unfortunately, on Halloween night 2047, at a large party Kevin and Daphne both attended, Daphne accidentally overdosed on novacoke. This lead to an investigation which exposed Kevin’s lifestyle to his MCT employers and he was severely reprimanded. Kevin sank further into despair and only increased his partying lifestyle. By 2048 he was engaged in a tumultuous affair with Tanya Leightensmark, a married woman. But Kevin ended the affair that fall as the one year anniversary of Daphne’s death approached. Tanya did not appreciate how Kevin terminated the affair. In fact, her attempts to rekindle the relationship exposed her to her husband, Jonathan. By spring, 2049, Tanya was divorced. She now hates Kevin and given the chance she would see him destroyed.

Kevin continued his hard partying as the 2050’s dawned, yet, his work history at MCT never seemed to be negatively affected. In fact, roughly the same time as Tanya’s divorce, Kevin achieved success by completing his MCT professional and post secondary baccalaureate education with a degree in computer science. By mid year, 2050, Kevin had developed a close friendship with a William Robert Valentine. Bobby Valentine worked in the MCT Annuities and Financial Management division of Mitsuhama North America and was also based in Chicago. Later that year, both had been promoted within their respective divisions. Despite this, however, MCT’s higher echelon of management had become concerned with both Kevin and Bobby’s social activities after hours.

Unfortunately, Kevin’s professional life started to unravel by April of 2051. He had found himself disillusioned with corporate life and was enamored with the Chicago nightlife. In their combined social circles, Kevin and William met a number of individuals on several of MCT’s watch lists. A couple of these individuals were known shadowrunners with reputations that included possible runs against MCT owned subsidiaries. Therefore, by that April both both had become rapidly embroiled in an insider trading scandal devised by Bobby. MCT officials, along with Corporate Court and the UCAS FBI and Chicago Municipal Authorities investigated the scandal. By late summer, 2051, William Robert Valentine was convicted of Insider Trading, given three years probation, fined 100,000¥. He was given a criminal flag to his SIN and terminated with prejudice from employment with MCT. However, Kevin was acquitted of wrong doing which earned him the undying enmity of his (now) former friend, Bobby. Yet, Kevin, due to his internal flag within MCT that higher management had previously placed within his file, was terminated from his employment with MCT.

That fall, 2051, Kevin decided to enter into the shadows. He had continued to maintain contact with most of his social circle and this eased his transition from salaryman to a ‘runner within the Chicago shadow world. Kevin used the last of his savings and, additionally, incurred a debt to the small Chicago yakuza presence within Chicago in order to augment himself to facilitate his ability to run the shadows. By New Year’s Day of 2052, Kevin had developed a working relationship with an ork with the street name of Diesel. Together they aspired to run the shadows and work quasi-legally as bounty hunters.

As the frigid winter of 2051-52 turned to a cold spring, Kevin, as the runner Gemini, his nom de la rue in honor of his deceased twin brother, Jason. For the first time in his life, Gemini is truly master of his own destiny.


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