Hairy von Ear-ick

Dwarf Wrestler with a Mean Streak


Hairy, or as he’s known in competition circles Ear-Biter, is a physical adept that has a habit of loosing control in a fight. Made fun of as a runt dwarf growing up, Hairy repressed his anger until he discovered his latent magical abilities. Channeling the magic in a physical adept, he started working in professional wrestling until in a particular grudge match, he bit the ear off of his opponent.

Suspended from professional wrestling for excessive violence, Hairy turned to the underground mixed martial arts circuit where he gained the reputation as a tenacious fighter. Pretty soon, no contestants would fight Hairy as many learned that even if they were better than him, they would take such brutal punishment to win, that they would be unable to continue to the tournament.

Hairy then turned to pit-fighting, where he excelled and honed his craft. Hairy gained the attention of others who saw a use for his skill. And so Ear-Biter eased into the shadows and learned more control over his actions. Hairy is still a bit wild in a fight, but he has learned to loose control “less” in combat.

Hairy von Ear-ick

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