53 Chrome

Razor with a chip on his shoulder

Age: ?? Height: ?? m
Weight: ?? kg Hair: Brown
Eyes: Cyber Gender: Male
Metatype: Human Awakened: no
Connection: ? Loyalty: 0
Contact: None Demeanor: Cool and Collected
Hangout(s): Shadowrunner Haunts Knowledge: ??
Services: Muscle

Chrome is wired to the max. While most of his cyberware is hidden with synthetic covering, he likes to retain obvious cybereyes to unsettle those he encounters. He always wears his black armored jacket, and is sure to be sporting several weapons on his person. He likes to wear black leather chaps, the real kind, and fashions himself as a street cowboy.

Chrome always seems to have a chip on his shoulder. He is gruff and likes to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Those that have worked with him will vouch for his professionalism, but he will not hesitate to kick someone off his team if they don’t do their job.

Chrome is not loyal to any member of Logan’s crew. He was hired to do a job and that’s what he did.

Logan’s Crew met Chrome on job to kidnap the simsense star Euphoria. While his interactions with the team have been curt and to the letter, he is responsible for leading an opposing team to them when they were on the job. He claims no responsibility for his actions and insists if the runners knew what they were doing, they would have recognized the tail gave them the slip.

53 Chrome

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