Age: 60ish Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 50 kg Hair: yellow
Eyes: hazel Gender: Male
Metatype: Human Awakened: ???
Connection: 1 Loyalty: 1
Contact: Gemini Demeanor: hopeless
Hangout(s): The Noose Knowledge: area knowledge
Services: Rumors

Charlie is a human who stands 170 cm (5’7”) in height. He masses about 50 kilos (110 lb.) and wears his white hair unkempt and it appears yellow from nicotine smoke. Charlie wears what he can and is always has with him an old lined coat which has protected him on many occasions from both the weather and from various thugs and gangers he encounters.

Charlie has lost everything. He is a former salaryman whose employment was terminated for some indiscretion. His family is gone as is his credit. He squats from place-to-place and hopes his luck will change.

Charlie is too destitute to concern himself with loyalty at the moment.

Charlie met Gemini on the street. The runner offered him some synthohol for information. Charlie doesn’t even know Gemini’s name, he just calls him sonny. Gemini felt sympathy for the old coot and returns every few days to make sure he has something to eat. Due to Charlie’s health, Gemini won’t offer him anything harder than alcohol and cigarettes, but will give him some cash for food (as well as bring him some food). What Charlie actually does with the money; Gemini tries not to think about it.


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