Capt. Trent Grissim

Lone Star Captain

Age: 42 Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 86 kg Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue Gender: Male
Metatype: Human Awakened: no
Connection: 5 Loyalty: 0
Enemy: Nightwing Demeanor: Self-Righteous
Hangout(s): Precinct, local bars Knowledge: Police Politics, Police Procedures, Gangs, Organized Crime, Runner Haunts
Services: Serve and Protect

Capt Grissim is a cop on a mission. He has made it his personal mission to clean up the streets of Denver. Grissim believes the ends justifies the means, but never steps over the line enough to be called into question. His one failure is apprehending the assassin Nightwing one he pursues with almost overzealous abandoned. He has transferred twice and changed moved between three cities to capture what he considers is a dangerous terrorist.

Recently he almost caught the assassin, but was held up by a running team out of Chicago. Grissim believes Nightwing is working with this team and is applying for a position with Eagle Security.

Capt. Trent Grissim

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