The Genesis Concept

The Darker Path Ahead

Fuze's dilemma

The cold chill brought upon by the environment in which he stayed seemed different. Distant from the dark musky stench of the sewer system he was in previously before the Doc’s office only brought about bad memories of the haunting face that ever remains present now.

It is Thursday, the 7th in 2054. At least that is what the clock says. Two days after the darkness had come. That monstrous troll slicing me up and part of my arm. Now I have THIS piece of cold metal falsely playing the role of my arm. If that in itself was not bad, that is when he appeared. The cruel human looking face with an almost monkey body style garbed in blue taunted me now. Can he be a manifestation of my inner self? The power hunger and the insatiable lust for destruction cannot be. I do not believe so. That is not me…… He was quiet now. The silence was nice. The heckling he gave, the arguments in which he was very persuasive, disturbs the gut feeling I have against them. I will have to ponder this and what this falseness this, Being, describes. This group of individuals I have come to know, saved me from the darkness. I owe them yet, Azur Affe which he calls himself, tells me otherwise. That I shouldn’t owe them anything…

Personal log entry #651863
TIME STAMP – 05-12-2054 0953

Seems The Upright Man has talked me into paying the good Doctor a visit again. Something about an idea of how to help me along the lines of “more my style”. Makes me curious how much he’s keeping tabs on me this much…. hopefully he’s not watching me in the shower. I don’t think anybody wants to listen to me singing old Disney songs in the shower. Though “LET IT GO!!!” and “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!” are good.

Anyways, it’s mainly for this THING on my arm it sounds like. It just doesn’t feel…normal.
Side note, Affe is at it some more. I think after this short pit stop check up, I’ll go back to the office and try and dig deeper. Though he is right. I should pick up some more offensive spells/knowledge. He’s almost trying to cram it down my throat preverbally speaking.

Personal log entry #651864
TIME STAMP – 05-17-2054 1624

I had to take some time to put my thoughts together after the “short Doctor visit”. Turns out it wasn’t just about the arm. I don’t remember talking with The Upright Man or the Doctor about these additional changes.

In this log, I will describe something that now plagues me. Azur Affe. I believe he somehow is the one behind the “additional changes” at the Doctors office. This all came to pass shortly after the adventure in Denver. The closest thing I can nail down is this item….it seemed harmless, a normal “power foci” that one uses to channel and or shape more mana. I was wrong. SO wrong. It’s like it has a personality of it’s own. I think Azur Affe, is a manifestation of this item. It looks like a man sobbing in his hands. It is powerful poison that has leached, I believe permantly, some of my ability to use magic. I may be able to get it back via what is called metaplanar travel to get to the root of this. I have never done that before, but have read several text on it. I need to talk to the Professor about this….there has to be meaning for the eyes. The skin plates while not unwanted, are still not natural. Needed for this line of work though. I really need to do this thing called working out or magically permantly make my fitness better.

Yes….I could use this power. Azur Affe might be onto something……

Azur Affe



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