The Genesis Concept

Redirection at Jimbos


Constantine, Fuse, Nightwing, Diesel, Socrates and METL sat in a booth a Jimbos in silence. It was late morning on Monday the 8th of December, 2053. The frigid day was grey and a light snow was falling. The weather certainly mirrored the mood of those assembled. The team, if that is what you could call it, was disheartened. They had a originally received a job at noon on the Friday. It was that Constantine, METL, Diesel, and FUSE were hired by Jonathan Teague to protect his business interests. Or so they thought. Jonathan Teague, is the CEO of Denver’s Highstar Entertainment. The business interest, they were told, was a man, specifically, a dwarf, named Holger Allenby, who is the President of Caravan Production – HQ is in Seattle, who has been receiving death threats while he is here in Denver on business. While in Denver, Allenby is staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in the Common Zone of Denver. So, if the team was able to protect Allenby and find out the source or sources of the threats then payment would be in the form of the very guitar that they had sought out in the first place. The timeline for the job was that it was to last until at least Thursday the 11th of December. That was when Allenby was supposed return to Seattle. There was even a 70,000¥ bonus if the team is able to quietly eliminate the offenders who insisted on sending the threats to Allenby.

The survivors of the original team, i.e., the team that had come down from Chicago, METL, Diesel, and FUSE, along with Constantine, who was their job contact in the UCAS Sector of Denver, had made the assumption that Holger Allenby and Caravan Productions were a subsidiary or a division of Highstar Entertainment. The team had just incorporated Nightwing, who was actually the guy they were supposed to meet in the junkyard debacle. The survivors of the original team ended up doing a deal with Nightwing. They ended up trading the focus to Nightwing and his team in return for their gear that they had lost in the junkyard run. After that, Nightwing offered his services to the team and since they were down both Logan and Gemini, they accepted. However, things had transpired which found the team sitting in Jimbos in a state of despair, well, if not despair, then something akin to depression. The team had, for the last several days, been attempting to reorganize and conduct legwork towards the Allenby job. The legwork returned nothing more than confusion. Highstar Entertainment was owned by Mitsuhama. That meant Yakuza. Caravan Productions was not a subsidy of Highstar. Allenby seemed disdainful Teague and any death threats. Furthermore, it seems that, so far, the death threats may have only occurred in Seattle. In fact, they had found out, Allenby’s car was targeted and blown up in Seattle. But so far, no evidence of death threats to Allenby while he was in Denver had surfaced. This had stumped the team and now they sat facing each other in a dingy booth within a dirty Jimbos covered in dirty snow in soul freezing subzero temperatures.
“I think this is bullshit”, Constantine flatly stated as he stared into his cup of soykaf.
“What”?, Nightwing quickly asked.
Constantine looked up at the elf. The thought it still a bit strange the the guy who was responsible for the the meeting in which pretty much the whole team got wasted at was now a part of the same wasted team.
“This. We got nothing. Everything we were following up on just doesn’t make sense. I just don’t get it.”
Diesel spoke up.
“We must have missed something. Maybe we need to go back and talk tho this Teague guy.”
METL shifted in his seat as he gazed out the window. The sounds of little servos activating could be clearly heard by all sitting in the booth.
“What?”, asked Socrates.
“Nothing, I am just watching the snow fall on the street”, replied METL without taking his eyes off whatever he was looking at.
FUSE slammed his hand down on the table and everybody turned their attention to him.
“Guys, okay, this sucks. We got nothing. But we can’t just sit here in wave the surrender flag. We are stuck here in Denver right now and we have a job to do.”
FUSE looked at everybody in the eye with a determined look.
“Let’s go over everything again one more time. Constantine, what do we know at this point and how does it differ from what we were told at when Teague gave us the job?
Constantine looked around at the assembled group. Okay, maybe FUSE has a point.
“Waitress, more coffee!”



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