The Genesis Concept

A Rescue that almost wasn't

Ghouls Gone Wild

Last night’s “Rescue Mission” was a rescue mission in name only. Going after one or two criminals on the local most wanted sheet or even a bail jumper was one thing, but to take on another shadow team, a gang of street thugs, not to mention the small army of hunger crazed HMHVV infected humans was not the most ideal situation.

Rattle takes a long pull from the bottle of Jack Daniels sitting on the fold out card table he had been using as a desk. Wiping the alcohol that did not make it into his mouth with the back of his grimy sleeve he then bent over his computer once again. His left eye closed, Rattle squinted with his right eye and continued his tortuous typing with the index fingers of each hand. He wasn’t a very fast typist.

The whole op was eleven up and three down if you know what I mean. Otherwise if you don’t, then you’ve never been “Boots on the Ground” anywhere. I may no longer be active military but I still live by the 7Ps that I learned during basic, “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” Piss Poor Performance is what happened yesterday.

Rattle takes another pull from the bottle of Jack Daniels and wipes the dribble from his mouth once again. He fingers his Rattlesnake Rattle hanging from a necklace made from a dog chain and a lock. Beside the rattle also hung his old dog tags from when he was in the CAS Military. Back to typing he went after a short time
It started out with our decker, Gemini, going into “The Teeth of a Dragon” as the saying goes. He should never have gone in alone, the face and one of us slug-slingers should have been with him as well. Logan may have had a better chance to negotiate with the leaders involved, but in the end I don’t think it would have mattered. They other team, the gang, and the ghouls weren’t going to leave.

Then Zorro, also known as “ZTGB” had to go alone and visit his Ghoul Friend. Now that was a mistake as it turned out. Really he went alone into Ghoul Town? At least the gangers had numbers to deter those that had gone completely feral behind the reach of humanity. Zorro was like a walking buffet. What did he suspect would happen? He would be accepted into the their family because he had a ghoul friend? He would be accepted into the family. Starting with the …………………………………..wait for it………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………… Brains.

Let’s not forget M.E.T.L who receives a call from ZTGB and then rushes to the location without proper support from the rest of the team. Just because he’s practically indestructible doesn’t mean that he is. Even tanks can get destroyed. Just ask any CAS veteran from the 5th CAS Armored Battalion, Mike Company, about the 2-Day Border War with the Aztlan 22nd Armored Division. The Aztlan 22nd Armored lost more than 75 tanks and around 105 other armored vehicles. You ask why did I bring up a largely unknown skirmish? Because I can and to prove the point that someone out there always has a better weapon that can penetrate your armor.

My point it this. That unless we communicate proper with each other and execute some basic tactics this group of ours will not live long except as a bypass on that crappy trideo show “Chicago’s Craziest Shadowrunners.” I for one would like to outlast this team’s current name at least. I’ll say this about the team, they got balls if not brains and M.E.T.L. definitely knows how to lay down some supressive fire.



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