The Genesis Concept

Current Timeline

Current Timeline as Generally Known and Accepted:

January 2—AZTLAN: The war with Yucatán rebels continues to escalate.
January 6—UCAS: 2XS, a BTL far more potent than a standard BTL, hits the black market.
March 14—QUÉBEC: Cross Applied Technologies achieves A status.
April 20—UCAS: The Chicago based ‘runners known as Gemini, Logan, Nitro, Diesel, and Sam meet at local bar called Slack Jaws.
May 3—UCAS: Insurance costs force University of Seattle to remove fire elemental summoning from its practical exam.
May 18—UCAS: A group of militant homeless take up residence in the struts of the Manhattan Bridge.
June 24—GREECE: The first footage of gorgons using their petrification power is captured.
July 2—JAPAN: International Olympic Committee awards the 2056 Olympics to Tokyo. Japanese officials announce that metahumans will not be allowed to participate.
July 19—UCAS: UCAS Data Systems pulls funding from Dr. Ronald Halberstam after they discover he is trying to isolate children’s’ brains from their bodies to raise them completely in the Matrix.
July 21—AMC: The body of Derek Highsun is found behind his barn.
September 13—UCAS: The street mercenary style loses favor among fashion moguls.
September 23—TÍR TAIRNGIRE: Willamette Compustat is contracted to handle all government data backups.
October 4—SPAIN: Sol Media Group gains a foothold in the Aztlan media market.
November 5—UCAS: Alan Adams is re-elected president.
November 5—CAS: Edna Wallace is re-elected president.
November 11—UCAS: Arthur Vogel founds the One World Association to address environmental issues.
December 5—GLOBAL: Bioware is released to the public market, gaining instant popularity.
December 13—JAPAN: The Chiba Virtual Stock Exchange crashes in the midst of a Fuchi takeover attempt by the Yamana family

January 20—UCAS: President Adams inaugurated.
January 21—UCAS: President Adams dies of a massive stroke. Vice President Thomas Steele assumes the presidency.
February 20—AZTLAN: Flavia de la Rosa elected president.
March 12—JAPAN: Proteus AG completes the Okinawa offshore arcology.
April 24—EUROPE: The Essence-Integrity theory is published, explaining the mechanism behind the loss of magical potency from cyberware and implants.
May 6—UCAS: A United Oil tanker dumps millions of gallons of petrochemicals into Boston Harbor.
May 28—CFS: Hestaby awakens and blocks Tír Tairngire’s attempt to take Shasta Dam. She settles on Mount Shasta and claims the region as her own.
May 30—UCAS: UCAStrak bullet train derailment kills 157. UCAStrak stock plummets.
June 25—CFS: The redwood forest near Mount Shasta begins spreading at an unnatural rate.
June 28—QUÉBEC: Cross Applied Technologies is granted extraterritorial status.
July 16—UCAS: University of Michigan researchers publish magical theorems
August 13—JAPAN: Proteus AG completes the Osaka offshore arcology in Japan.
August 24—TSIMSHIAN: For the first time, borders are opened to megacorporations.
September 10—UCAS: Hurricane Ethelbert hits the New York and DeeCee areas, causing extensive damage.
September 18—AGS: Credstick readers get new anti-tamper technology, and additional Matrix protection is added to the associated nodes.
October 20—POLAND: Strikes and riots against the Russian occupation leave the economy in ruins.
October 23—UK: The Socialist Worker’s Party is destroyed by an embezzlement scandal.
November 10—AFRICA: Police pull out of Cape Town when violence reaches unmanageable levels.
November 11—UCAS: The Cabrini Refugee Act establishes the Cabrini Green Housing Development in Chicago as a ghoul haven.
December 4—UCAS: Humanis Policlub attacks Cabrini Green, killing at least 100.
December 6—AGS: Authority over the SOX is handed over to a joint corporate administrative council.
December 18—UCAS: The ‘runners Gemini, Logan, Nightwing, Diesel and FUSE returned to Chicago.

January 3—UCAS: Knight Errant abandons their contract to protect Cabrini Green.
February 16—UCAS: The AGS chancellor is assassinated at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.
March 17—UCAS: Special Order 162, i.e., The Cabrini Refugee Act, is repealed. The UCAS formally reverses its decision to recognize the rights of a new metahuman race and denies that race any and all previously granted legal protection.
April 1—UCAS: Class–action suit brought by Jonathan Meir against the legislative firm of Dumas, Alexander, and Tate on behalf of the residents of the Cabrini Refuge.



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